How can I get a Stairlift installed?

Installing a stairlift is an easy process for trusted experts like us.  You should only have a stairlift installed by a manufacturer trained and qualified engineer, like our engineers are to ensure your complete safety.

At 1st Choice Stairlifts we make installing a stairlift hassle free and as little disruption to your home as possible.

Step 1 – The Survey 

First of all a surveyor will visit your property to:

  • ✓ Measure your stairs and check the electrics because we will need to get power to the lift
  • ✓ Measure you and check your weight (as lifts have a safe weight capacity)
  • ✓ Assess your needs and mobility to see how you will be able to operate functions on the lift for now and the future

We’ll recommend which model is best for your needs and why and give you a quote.  You might want to have a spouse, relative or a friend with you to help you.  The visit should last around 1 hour.

We can provide you with a quote for a new, reconditioned or rental stairlift to suit your needs and budget.

You may want to visit our showroom, where we would warmly welcome you.  You can meet our team, see our premises and test drive some stairlifts to see how easy they are to operate.

Step 2 – From Survey to Installation

When you place your order, we get to work on preparing your stairlift.  We’ll also organise any other work like fitting a powerpoint to be done too.

When your lift is ready, we’ll call you to arrange a convenient installation date.  The person who will be using the lift ideally needs to be present on the day of installation so we can handover and demonstrate the lift to them.  You might want to also have someone with you on the day of installation so we can show you all how to use the lift.

We often fit a lift within a few days or a few weeks if you need a bespoke made curved rail.

Step 3 – The Day of Installation

Stairlift installation

Our engineers will come to install your lift for you. They will assemble it altogether, wire it up and screw it into the steps on your stairs.  They then do multiple checks and tests on your lift to complete a “Test and Examination Certificate” to conform to safety standards.

After all safety checks are complete, you can test drive your stairlift with our engineer present to make sure the lift fits okay.  Our engineers are considerate and patient and will take their time to demonstrate how to work a stairlift.  They will only leave when you are sure that you can confidently and safely use the lift and are totally satisfied.  Every handover is structured with a “Handover Demonstration Checklist” to make sure we tell you everything you need to know.

Every lift comes with a user manual which you should also read through and familiarise yourself with.

Installing a stairlift can happen in as little as a few hours, however more complex stairs can take a bit longer.  We will tidy up after the installation and we’ll even vacuum the stairs to make sure it’s all nice and ship-shape for you.

Step 4 – Aftercarestairlift servicing

Your lift is designed to provide you with years of reliable service.  Just like your car it will need servicing to keep it running smoothly.  In the unlikely event that your lift lets you down our aftercare service takes care of this too.  Our own local engineers get to you quickly and even work out of hours to cover emergency repairs, around the clock, every day of the year.

What to look out for

  • If you are getting more than one quote, make sure you assess them on a like for like basis. Do they all offer the same specification of product, same warranty, same service? Are you satisfied with the product recommended, how it works and the solution will work for you?
  • Sometimes price isn’t everything, so look at the value each quote gives you: Research the companies – how big or small are they? How many engineers do they have?  What service can they provide and is it what you want?  Were you impressed by their customer service?  Are they local?  Are their engineers employed directly or are they subcontracted?  Can you visit them?

Our Top Tips

  • ✓ Don’t ever feel pressured to buy something straight away. A few stairlift companies will send a commission only Sales person to visit you and if they don’t get the order, they don’t get paid.  Some Surveyors, like ours, are salaried so you’ll never be pressured to buy – although we’d love your order of course!
  • ✓ If you’re thinking of getting a new carpet fitted or decorating then do it before installing a stairlift as a stairlift is expensive to remove and reinstall after the event, although we can do this for you.
  • ✓ Don’t forget that it’s not just installing a stairlift that you’re paying for but also the warranty and back up repair service too. What kind of service is provided? If needed in an emergency what hours does their callout service operate and what would the response times from calling them to their engineer being on your doorstep be?
  • ✓ As we said at the beginning, installing a stairlift is the job only for a trained professionally qualified Stairlift Engineer. Our engineers have intensive on the job training, manufacturers training and undertake NVQ Qualifications in Stairlift installation and maintenance.  Installations done by unqualified persons has resulted in serious accidents, unsafe and dangerous installations that affect you and anyone else that comes in your home.
  • ✓ Buying second hand stairlifts out of newspapers or on the internet rarely have a happy ending either. What fits in one house is likely to not necessarily fit in another house unless your stairs are exactly the same side of the stairs, configuration, width, length, depth and angle – and the right options and seat height for you to use.  We’ve seen people buy stairlifts which are totally unsuitable for their stairs and which have been a waste of money so they are financially out of pocket.  Some lifts advertised are even obsolete and sometimes 20+ years old, so there’s no way spare parts are even available.

Why not start the Installing a Stairlift Easy Process today with 1st Choice Stairlifts?

For information advice or a free home visit call us on 08000 19 22 10

You can also book a stairlift test drive in our Showroom or contact us to book an appointment.

Other Alternatives to a Stairlift

If you don’t fancy the idea of a stairlift then why not consider a Homelift, your own small personal elevator in your home.  You can see our range of Homelifts here.


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