A Homelift is Practically a Luxury

An affordable luxury that future proofs your home, opening it up to all generations and physical abilities.

You might not “need” a lift. Many of our customers don’t. Some are simply looking to add luxury and value to their properties. Others have decided to make their home more welcoming for family and friends who struggle on the stairs. Or, are preparing for a time when they themselves, or their parents can’t enjoy the freedom of the multi-generational family home because of the stairs.

Whatever the reason, it’s comforting to know that a 1st Choice Homelift is surprisingly affordable, and installation is a simple process requiring as little as a day to complete.

We’re independent, so we’ll help you choose from a wide range of the best lifts available in the UK. All our lifts incorporate advanced safety and emergency power fail safe features. They’re surprisingly cheap to run too, using less power than it takes to make a pot of tea!

So whether you’re just looking to make home a more comfortable place, or the stairs have become unmanageable, a 1st Choice Homelift shouldn’t be a luxury – it’s practically a necessity!

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