Frequently asked questions – Vertical Platform & Home Lifts

On this page you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked about vertical platform lifts and Home Lifts. If you have a question, which isn’t covered here, please telephone 0800 019 2210 or [email protected]. Alternatively you can use the simple ‘ask a question’ form in the contact box to the right of this page and we’ll publish the answer to your question here.

How much does a vertical platform lift or Homelift cost?

The cost of a lift can vary greatly depending on the type and configuration of the lift, how many floors it will travel to, the travel distance, additional features and building work required to fit the lift.

The price range for a through floor/Home Lift  or vertical lift can vary from as little as £10,000 to over £23,000 but it we can provide accurate quotations once we have completed a detailed survey, which we can do free of charge. Smaller outdoor steplifts can range from around £5,000.

Call us on 08000 19 22 10 to arrange a no-obligation survey and find out what options are available for you.

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How much space does a vertical lift take up?

This depends on the required platform size that you need. As we do a varied range of products it will all depend on whether you are going to stand or sit inside the lift or use a wheelchair, in which case the lift would need to accommodate the wheelchair size.  Sit/Stand Home Lift designs such as the Elesse or Stiltz Home Lift are quite compact in design.  For more technical information take a look at our product pages or give us a call.

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What is the maximum capacity of a vertical platform lift?

Once again, the maximum capacity differs for different lifts. The maximum capacity for our vertical lifts range from 250kg (39 stone) to 410kg (64.5 stone)

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Do we need a pit to have a vertical lift fitted?

It really depends on what lift you have and what building works are required.  We can install a ramped access onto lifts for more convenience.

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Can we customise a lift for our home or building?

Yes, all vertical lifts can be customised to fit into their environment perfectly, for an additional cost to include different colours, panels, controls etc.

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Is there a standard colour on the vertical lifts?

Some of our lifts come with a selection of standard colours. Many of our hydraulic lifts are also available in any colours from the RAL chart at an additional cost. If you want to know whether you can have a specific colour on your lift, just ask one of our advisors.

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How long does it take to install a vertical platform lift?

The lead time for having a vertical lifting platform or Home Lift installed is generally between 4 and 10 weeks from the day the drawings are signed off. This also varies depending on the make and model of lift you require. It takes 2 engineers between 2 and 5 days on site to install the lift, depending on the specification of the lift and the total travel height.

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Do we need to make any preparations for when the vertical lift or Home Lift is installed?

If we are installing a Home Lift or wheelchair lift that goes “through the floor” we will need to get building works done.  A hole will need to be cut through the floor and joists will need to be strengthened in the upstairs room.  There may also be electrics or pipework where the hole needs to be so other tradespeople will need to be co-ordinated to move those services at the same time.  This is something that we can co-ordinate for you using our trusted contractors.

Outdoor vertical lifts and steplifts often require preparation works too such as building works to prepare the ground for the platform to sit on and raise up to.

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Why should I choose 1st Choice Stairlifts when purchasing a vertical platform lift?

We offer an extensive range of excellent products and pride ourselves in providing exceptional levels of customer service. We have fantastic relationships with our vertical lift manufacturers and will project manage your job with them to ensure that the job is co-ordinated efficiently.

Our expert team includes fully qualified engineers who are courteous and professional at all times. We’re also a local, independent lift company that covers the South-West, including Wiltshire, Bath and North-East Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, West Hampshire and Berkshire.

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Can you upgrade a vertical platform Lift in the future?

Yes, we can upgrade a Home Lift to a wheelchair lift using the existing rail mechanism but installing a new lift car.

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