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Stairlift Parts and Stairlift Spares

Stairlifts are designed to give you years of reliable service, but as with any other mechanical/electrical equipment, a fault may occur.  So what do you do if yours stops working and you need some stairlift spares to get your lift working again?

How many parts make a stairlift?

Stairlifts are made up of many components! The rail contains all the battery charging system and drive to move the stairlift up and down the track. The chair houses many switches and wiring to operate the lift from the chair arm with the joystick or button control.

However the carriage is where you will find the most parts and is the most complex part of the stairlift! The carriage will house the stairlift batteries, wiring, rollers, drive cog and motor and printed circuit boards or PCBs as they are more commonly called. The carriage also contains all the lift circuitry for the safety systems on all models, designed to stop in an emergency if the lift should come up against an obstruction on the stairs that will prevent it from working.

What Stairlift Parts need to be replaced regularly?

During a product lifespan there will be parts that you will need to replace on your lift that need to be changed out. These are normal wear and tear items, just like your car would need new break pads now and again.

For example, if the lift is bumping it is normally because the rollers need replacing which is a job that can be done by trained stairlift engineers.

Stairlift Battery Replacement

Although the batteries are rechargeable at some point in time they will wear out, and you'll usually notice this when the product is running slower than it used to. Read more about stair lift batteries in our dedicated blog post.

What are the prices of stairlift parts?

We hold a stock of over 5000 stairlift different types of spare parts in our warehouse with a selection of stairlift spares on our vans. We hold stairlift spares for many different brands of lift including Acorn, Stannah, Platinum, Otolift, Handicare, Companion, Thyssen Access and more. All stock for sale is entered into our huge inventory and a quick browse by our staff will identify any spares you may need that will help resolve any issue you may have with your brand.

Prices for parts can vary from a few pounds for a spare key to hundreds of pounds for parts like motors and circuit boards.

stairlift servicing component
Stairlift parts circuit board
stairlift display circuit board

How quickly can I get stairlift spares?

If you are an end user customer and need spare parts we are happy to sell you product parts where no engineering work is required - e.g. things like replacement keys or a remote control for example. You can place the order with us on the phone and we can send the product out to you. If it's not something that a customer would have the confidence to do we can offer our repair engineers and give you options for a repair call do this for you.

What if my repair is urgent?
Urgent repairs can normally be done the same day and we can explore the best appointment times for you to visit site. Just call our aftercare department 01249 814528

If you are a stairlift repairer and qualified engineer and need a replacement part we are happy to supply you. We offer a vast stock and back catalogue of stairlift spares, new and second hand, for current and obsolete lifts from many different brands. Our staff can help when selecting the brand stock required and offer to ship it to you with many options for delivery available. Prices are upon application so call us for a cost. Simply contact our aftercare department.

When it might not be worth it to buy stairlift spares?

The average lifespan of a lift depending on brand is normally around 7-10 years. If your brand of lift is around this age then you many want to think about options to buy a new product, or we also offer rental and reconditioned models too. Enquire about upgrading your lift with our sales team today and ask them about our Scrappage Scheme where you can trade in your old model and purchase a new product.

Call 01249 814528 today to buy stairlift parts or to upgrade your lift.

See also our Ebook Guide to buying a second hand stairlift, and what to do if you want to sell your old stairlift
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