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You’re faced with a problem of not being able to get up and downstairs, so what are your options?  Here in this blog post we’ve listed a few stair lift alternatives, with ideas on cost, that you might want to consider if you’re finding the stairs difficult and need a solution to overcome your problem.

  1. 1. Do nothing
  2. 2. Alter your existing home layout
  3. 3. Move house
  4. 4. Move to a Care Home
  5. 5. Buy a “real” lift Homelift
  6. OR Buy a stairlift (of course that was on your list of considerations already!)

Stair Lift Alternative 1 – Do Nothing = £0 but might make your quality of life and health deteriorateFalls on the stairs in the Home 1st Choice Stairlifts

Lots of people do bury their head in the sand and put it off.  They take this option and struggle on indefinitely thinking “oh I’ll manage” but do they?  All that struggling up and down stairs might result in maybe aggravating your health condition and making it worse.   I know when you do a workout they say “no pain, no gain” but that doesn’t apply to the hauling yourself up stairs and using them for “exercise”.

The stairs is a high risk place for an accident too (see our Avoiding Falls on the Stairs post for more information), so if being safe on the stairs is one of your priorities then maybe perhaps doing nothing isn’t an option.

I guess you’ve arrived at this blog post because you recognise you have a problem and want to solve it and feel the need to do something about it.

Alternative 2 – Altering your existing home layout = maybe £10,000+ devalue to your home?

You could move your bed downstairs and take up a living area in your home, but what about dignified access to washing and bathing facilities?  You could alter the downstairs of your home to accommodate this but this effectively turns your house into a bungalow where you move your living arrangements all downstairs.  This can be expensive altering your home by installing new plumbing and drainage to create a downstairs bathroom and bedroom.  This could also affect the resale value and saleability of your home at a later date as this layout will not be suitable for most buyers.

Alternative 3 – Move House = £10,210 average cost + £additional funds for the property + emotional stress and upheaval

Moving home is one of the most stressful times in our lives ranked right up there with getting married.  Finding that rare single storey dwelling of your dreams might also be a big challenge that’s assuming you’ve got the big budget to buy it.  Then there’s the cost of moving, stamp duty, solicitors fees, surveys, estate agents fees, removals people.  The co-ordination of organisation of viewings, dealing with solicitors and estate agents.  When and if you sell, there’s all the packing up of your things and perhaps getting rid of treasured possessions if you’re downsizing.  Moving house is quite a big hassle (I’ve been there!) and it’s not a pleasant experience.  If you want to avoid all that expense and hassle, you might want to stay where you are.

Alternative 4 – Going into a Care Home = Average Cost £955+ per week (around £52,000 per year) + emotional stress

Finding the right Care Home can also be a very stressful time too – apparently this also appears on the “stressful events in your life” list.  Not to mention the emotional stress of finding a care home space when countrywide we are rapidly running out of beds.

If you are able to live independently at home, or with the assistance of carers, in the place you love, where your fond memories live then why not stay there?

Research has also proven that by having independent living adaptations done to your home, like having a lift installed, can delay going into a care home by 4-7 years!  If we take the average cost of going into a care home at the national average of £955 per week and times that by 4 years – you could save an eye watering £200,000!

Alternative 5 – Buy a “real lift” Homelift = £15,000+

Some people like to consider a real lift like a homelift instead which is like a small personal elevator.  Generally they are more aesthetically pleasing on the eye.  It’s more expensive though as you would be looking at spending at least £13,000 and you’d have to have building works to cut a hole in your ceiling for the lift to travel through.  This would be a few days of building works in your home and then one to two days installation.

If you needed to sell the property at a later date, to the right buyer a Homelift might add value to your home, to the wrong buyer it may devalue your home as the lift would have to be removed, ceiling patched over, floor and joists reinforced and new carpets to be laid.

We install Homelifts and can help with this option if it were a consideration.  If you are a wheelchair user and cannot transfer onto a stairlift then we also offer a Through the Floor Lift which would be suitable with a larger lift platform size than a Homelift.

OR Just have a stairlift!  From £1,0001st Choice Stairlifts reassurance using a stairlift

This was obviously on your list of considerations anyway as you’ve arrived on our page looking for stair lift alternatives.  If none of the above alternatives haven’t resonated with you then maybe a lift IS the best option for you.  Other than doing nothing, which is free but might impact your quality of life, having a stairlift is also a cheaper option to all of the above.  You can also read our Guide to Costs blog post for more information on how much a stairlift or homelift costs.

Within a few short hassle free hours we can have you whizzing up and down stairs in no time at all.

For an accurate price, book a Home Assessment Visit where we can assess you and your stairs and home and advise on the best options to suit your needs.  Call us today on freephone 0800 019 22 10 to book your home visit.

Still unsure if a lift is right for you – why not come and visit our showroom and try some models out for yourself?  That way you’ll be able to have a test drive and see how a lift looks and feels to you.  You can book a Showroom Demonstration Visit by contacting us on 0800 019 22 10 and discuss the stair lift alternatives while you’re here.

Alternatively you can fill out our contact form with your request and we will phone you back.


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