Stairlift Engineer Servicing a StairliftIt’s vitally important that your stairlift is serviced annually, by a qualified stairlift engineer, to make sure that it is safe for you to use as recommended by British Safety Standards.

By having your lift serviced, you can benefit from:

★ making sure it’s “stairworthy”

★ that it’s safe for you to use

★ Preventative maintenance

★ Possibly reducing unnecessary callouts and inconvenience

★ May prolong the lifespan of your stairlift

Just like a service on your car, your lift should be checked to make sure it drives safely, that all the bolts are tightened, that the safety circuits are working properly and that any worn parts are replaced before they cause a breakdown acting as preventative maintenance. We have more details about the lifetime cost of owning a stairlift in our article The Truth About Stairlift Prices

In fact we have a 24 point checklist that we’ll go through as approved by British Safety Standards to make sure your lift is serviced correctly.  We go way beyond a “clipboard service” and we’ll also bring our tools in to take the covers off your lift and check inside to make sure everything is okay for you.  As part of this check, we will also test the batteries in your lift to see if they are working at full capacity, so you won’t get stuck with flat stairlift batteries.

We also service lifts that we didn’t originally install.

Why Service Your Stairlift?stairlift engineer

Check out our blog post from our qualified Stairlift Engineer and 1st Choice Stairlifts Director, Colin Major.

Colin has been a stairlift engineer for over 30 years, working for the manufacturers and for himself.  He’s a Stairlift Expert and there’s nothing that he doesn’t know about stairlifts!  He shares his top tips on why you should have your stairlift service.

Looking After You Year After YearStairlift servicing

Remembering when your stairlift is due it’s service can be a pain, so let us take the hassle out of it for you. When we book in your service, you’ll automatically be added to our service schedule for subsequent years so no need to worry about keeping track of your services, we’ll do it for you.  You will receive a call from us or a letter to make sure your service is done.

Contact Us

For stairlift servicing please call us on 01249 814528 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.  Routine servicing is usually done in office hours from 8.30am to 5pm.  You can also email us on [email protected].

Additionally if your stairlift is in need of a repair and doesn’t work then we have a repair service available.  See our Repair page for more information.

Our Coverage Area

For stairlift servicing, we cover Wiltshire, Bath, Swindon, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Berkshire and parts of Oxfordshire.  For a full map of our coverage areas please click here to see the areas we cover.

Upgrade Your Lift

If your stairlift is beyond repair or it’s over 10 years old, you might want to consider upgrading your stairlift.  You can see our wide range of products we offer on our dedicated pages for Straight Stairlifts or Curved Stairlifts.

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