Can Stairlifts be Fitted to any Stairs?

Stairlift on Spiral StairsOne of the common questions we’re asked is “can a stairlift be fitted to any stairs?” The answer is usually YES!  But the best way to find out for certain is by having a stairlift expert like ourselves to come out and measure up.

A Surveyor will measure your stairs, and you, to see which model will fit your staircase with clearance for your knees.  There are stairlifts for narrow stairs, curved or straight flights of stairs and all come with a host of options.  However, we also need to make sure you can use it safely, so we will assess your mobility to make sure you’ve got the right stairlift features which will make using it as easy as possible.

Can stairlifts go around corners on curved stairs?

Yes absolutely!  You can get lifts for all kinds of stairs like straight stairs, curved stairs with bends and indeed multiple bends, narrow stairs, multi-flight town houses and even spiral stairs (you can see working examples in our showroom).

Does a stairlift have to fix to a load bearing wall?

No, they are not fitted to the wall at all!  All stairlifts fix to the steps, so there’s no need to worry about load bearing walls or damage to decoration.

Can a stairlift fit in a listed building?

It is possible to fit a stairlift to a listed building but it depends on the classification of listing.  We can offer specific advice by discussing individual cases so just give us a call.

stairlift for narrow stairsAre there stairlifts for narrow stairs?

A Stairlift can usually be fitted to a staircase 600mm wide, dependent on client dimensions (your seated position so your knees clear the banisters when you’re sat on the lift), so it depends what you consider narrow.  So yes, stairlifts for narrow stairs do exist, the 950 is great for straight stairs, or the flow 2 is a great stairlift for narrow stairs with corners or curves.

Can a stairlift be fitted to open plan stairs?

This is okay too, we have fitted products to open plan stairs and to open treads.  We can also incorporate blocking in treads and fitting banisters to your stairs to make them safer as an additional service.

Another company told me they can’t fit a stairlift, can it be done?

There are lots of different makes and models that might fit better for particular stairs and user needs so don’t be put off if one company says it can’t be done.  Larger independent stairlift companies like ourselves offer a wide variety of manufacturers models for this very reason, so we can fit the best lift for your particular needs, dimensions and staircase environment.  You can see our wide range of products we offer here on our Product Page.

What to Look Out For

Is a stairlift electric or battery operated?

All lifts are battery operated but they need a powerpoint for the lift to be wired into to provide constant charging to the lift.  This is something that we can organise for you.  Having a powerpoint installed nearby avoids the need for unsightly cabling running around doorframes whilst trying to plug the lift in at the other end of the hallway!

Can a stairlift be fitted if there’s a radiator at the bottom/top of the stairs?

If there’s a radiator right at the bottom or top of the stairs that’s in the way we can also organise a plumber to replace it with a smaller one or move the existing one along the wall if there’s space.  We won’t start the lift rail a bit further because it will be dangerous for you to climb 2 or 3 stairs up to get onto the lift.

Our Top TIPs

✓ Have a home visit to make sure a lift will fit – this is a free of charge visit for a no obligation quotation. This should last about an hour.  Have a friend or relative there with you to help

✓ Research companies first to see which companies or company you’d like to quote for you. Ask friends or family who they recommend.  You can also contact Independent Living Centres and Occupational Therapists at your local social services office who can let you have a list of reputable suppliers.

✓ See how easy it is to have a stairlift fitted – checkout our other article on Installing a stairlift – The Easy Process

✓ Have a list of questions to ask the surveyor – read our articles to find out our top tips and make a list

For information advice or a free home visit call us on 08000 19 22 10

You can also book a stairlift test drive in our showroom too.  Checkout our Showroom page here and contact us to book an appointment.

Other Alternatives to a Stairlift

If you don’t fancy the idea of a stairlift then why not consider a Homelift, your own small personal elevator in your home.  You can see our range of Homelifts here.


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