Having a stairlift fitted is a big investment so it’s understandable that you may be unsure as to whether you need a lift or not.  From our vast experience in stairlifts, our customers tell us all the time, “I wish I’d had a stairlift fitted sooner”.

But how do you know when sooner is?  So we’d like to share with you what we’ve learned from our customers, who decided that these reasons made them decide to get a stairlift installation.

Top 10 Signs that You need a Stairlift

  1. Being frightened of falling when you go up or down stairs

Did you know statistically (according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) you’re more likely to have a fall on your stairs than anywhere else in your home?  Falls are more likely to result in hospital stays, months of rehabilitation and unfortunately there are some people who just aren’t strong enough to recover from a fall at all.  This can result in going into a care home on a permanent basis or could sadly result in someone passing away.  A stairlift is a much safer option.

  1. Stairlift with husband and wife carerYou’re helping someone else (perhaps your spouse) upstairs, by walking behind them

Probably the most scary thing we see!  What happens if you are a carer for your loved one and you topple down the stairs by helping them like this?  It can be an accident waiting to happen.  What if you are hurt and it results in a hospital stay where you’re no longer able to care for your loved one?  It’s really not a good idea for both of you.  A stairlift can make both your lives easier, help give your loved one their independence back and free up your time too.

  1. You’re shuffling up and/or down on your bum

There are much easier ways of getting up and downstairs that don’t resort to your bum having to do all the hard work!  Why do the hard work yourself when a stairlift can do it for you?

  1. Man struggling on stairsYou don’t have the strength to pull yourself up the stairs using a bannister or handrail.

Sometimes people have extra handrails fitted to help them up the stairs, but they are there to help you balance yourself on the stairs.  If you find you are hauling yourself up then that’s not what they are designed for.  Think of the strain it is putting on your shoulders, neck and back which you really don’t need affecting your health.  A stairlift is much easier and puts no pressure on your body or joints whatsoever.

  1. It takes you over 5 minutes to climb your stairs

We’re sure in your younger days you would run up the stairs, perhaps even taking them two at a time.  But as we take on average 250,000 journeys up and down stairs in our lifetime, it’s not surprising we can slow up when we are less mobile.  Sometimes it’s necessary to get up and downstairs quickly perhaps to the bathroom or just nip upstairs for something you’ve forgotten.  The average stairlift takes 35 seconds – yes that’s right just 35 seconds to get you upstairs.  So what could you do with this extra time in your day?

  1. You’re out of breath or dizzy when you get to the top of the stairs

If this is you then climbing the stairs must feel like climbing Mount Everest.  If climbing the stairs is causing problems with your health then you really should think about getting a stairlift installed.  You can get upstairs in around 35 seconds and still leave you with enough energy to do whatever it is you need to do upstairs without struggling.

  1. Falls in the Home 1st Choice StairliftsYou have problems seeing the steps and judging putting your foot on them correctly

Sometimes certain conditions make people misjudge steps such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, visual impairments, Osteporosis and so on.  It’s crucial to avoid accidents happening in the home.  It’s easier for you to sit on a lift and safely get off it at the top of the stairs rather than misjudging a step and falling on the stairs.

  1. A change in mobility and not being able to do climb the stairs like you could

Sometimes there can be a gradual or sudden change in mobility that can make climbing stairs harder or even impossible.  A stairlift can be fitted quickly to help you to regain your independence and use of your whole home.

  1. Discharged from hospital

If you’ve just been discharged from hospital then you might want to think about having a stairlift fitted.  Sometimes you’re not up to full strength and if you’re likely to get better you could consider a rental stairlift to help you temporarily whilst you recuperate.  You can always buy your rental lift at a later date if you want to keep it permanently if condition is unlikely to change.

  1. Your family have told you they are worried about you on the stairs

Being “told off” by your kids, family or friends for struggling on the stairs?  They’re only saying it because they care about you and your welfare.  A stairlift genuinely does make a difference to your quality of life having freedom and independence in your home you love.  Also encouragingly a recent study has found that having things like a stairlift fitted early on can prolong someone going into a care home for around an average of 4 years which is great news!


So don’t be like some of our customers wishing you had a stairlift fitted sooner.  If your time is NOW then give us a call for a free no-obligation quotation.  In about an hour we can tell you if a stairlift is suitable for you and your stairs and give you an accurate price, with no high pressure selling, just expert friendly advice.

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