Curved Stairlifts – Your Bespoke Design solution for all curved stair types

A stairlift for curved stairs might seem complicated – but not for us!  We’re specialists in curved stairlifts and have handpicked the very best models for our range to suit any cornered or curved staircase.

Your curved stairlift will be made bespoke to your stairs, so we will make sure it fits perfectly no matter how many curves or what configuration your stairs may have.  We’ve also been able to fit curved stairlifts where many other companies can’t, so don’t give up hope if you’ve been told one won’t fit – we’re sure to have a solution.

It doesn’t matter if your stairs have a flat landing or fan shaped turns, 90 degree or 180 degree curves or narrow widths.  We can even fit a curved rail to accomodate multiple floors, like those you find in town houses or apartment buildings. They also have a stop off on each level and even fit spiral stairs, like the one we have in our showroom.

With the number of models of curved stairlifts that we supply, we can fit on any stairs, but it’s important that you get the right one.  That’s why a Home Assessment Visit is needed by a Surveyor who will recommend the best way to tackle your particular staircase.  This includes deciding which side of the stairs would be best to run the rail up and how to start and end your rail so you can get on and off your curved stairlift with ease.

When you come to place your order, we need to do a “photosurvey”, which is a more detailed measure of your stairs, with a camera and computer!  This means your when your curved rail is drawn by the factory it will be tailor made for your specific stairs to fit perfectly.  Your curved stairlift will then be manufactured, delivered and we will install it for you.

From design to installation, this process takes a few weeks so it’s good if you can plan ahead earlier and book a Home Assessment Visit in with us as soon as possible or visit our showroom for a test drive – so contact us today.

Our Curved Stairlifts range includes:

The best handpicked models to fit all curved stairs and customer needs

  • Made to measure and manufactured bespoke to your stairs, so delivery and installation may be around 2-6 weeks dependent on model*
  • Installed by a couple of our friendly qualified engineers, in around 3-6 hours depending on the complexity of the stairs (and we clean up and vacuum the stairs afterwards too!)
  • Built in safety features as standard on all curved stairlifts
  • Slim design so other stair users can walk past the lift and up the stairs easily
  • Simple to use with ergonomically designed controls
  • Battery operation that works in a power cut with automatic recharging at the top and bottom rail charge points
  • Personalisation to your needs with a choice of model and colours
  • Host of options including Powered swivel seat, seatbelts, harnesses, arm controls, powered folding footrest, rail configurations etc
  • Call controls at the bottom and top of the stairs for multi-users
  • 2 year warranty on new models, 1 year warranty on reconditioned Both can be extended if you wish.  Rentals are warrantied for as long as you have it installed.
  • Rental model prices will include the manufacturing cost of the bespoke curved rail design.
  • 24-hour, 365 days a year Emergency Helpline and Repair Service with well stocked vans for quick repairs.

*subject to schedule

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