fitting a new track to the staircaseStairlift Removal

If someone has passed away, moved house or getting a property ready for resale, when a stairlift is no longer needed, we can remove it and take it away for you.  We make sure that everything left behind is made tidy and safe.  We understand that often when a lift is removed, perhaps because of a bereavement, your call needs to be treated in a sensitive manner and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your needs in an empathetic way.

Depending on the model and age of the unwanted stairlift and our current stock holding, we may:

·       charge to remove the lift, or

·       remove it for free and take it away or

·       offer to buy your stairlift and pay you for it.  We may also buy back a lift even if we haven’t installed it originally depending on the model, age and quality of the installation.

All stairlifts are disposed of correctly in accordance with in environmental regulations so any fees we charge and labour costs will be taken into account.

Selling a Stairlift and Buybacks

We do refurbish nearly new used models to resell as reconditioned stairlifts and rental stairlifts.  When we resell these lifts they go through a very rigorous process of reconditioning, testing and safety-checking which is quite labour intensive.  The price that we may offer for your lift will be reflected in the on-cost resale value which is likely to be a lot lower than you originally paid for it.  We can give you an indication of value if you are interested in selling one, just give us a call to find out more.

Removing and Refitting:

Temporary Removalstairlift removal

Having a new stair carpet or decorating your hallway?  Need to take the stairlift off the staircase?  We can remove it and reinstall it quickly (sometimes doing both the removal and refitting on the same day).

Please be aware that we have come across instances where family members or carpet fitters have carried out the removal and put the lift back in in a dangerous and unsafe condition – your safety is our priority so please don’t compromise and make sure you have a qualified professional doing this job for you.

Moving House and Refitting your Lift there

We can do a stairlift removal and potentially re-site it in another property, although this will depend on the model of lift and measurements of the old and new staircase.  We may need a new rail or other parts or even if the new stairs aren’t suitable we can sometimes Part-Exchange your lift depending on age and condition and give you a discount on a new lift.

Please get in touch for more specific advice about stairlift removals.

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