Platinum Ultimate

The Platinum Ultimate stairlift is a versatile model that fits most stairs including narrow cases due to its unique ability to face the direction of travel. This lift also offers an optional first step start rail, making it a perfect option for those with obstructions close to the ground floor step.

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Platinum Ultimate Stairlift Key Features

Platinum Ultimate – Summary Key Features:

This stairlift has multiple accessibility options including interchangeable controls, there is a choice of a joystick or a rocker button for navigation, meaning that those who are dexterity impaired can still use the lift independently. This lift also boasts adjustable arm, back and footrests for added comfort. Alongside this, the Ultimate has an option heavy duty option, making it suitable for up to 160kg (25 stone).

The rail for this curved lift offers numerous choices suitable for narrow staircases and other stair users. Alongside a standard start option, the Platinum Ultimate also offers an optional 1st Step Start; the rail would start on the first step meaning there is no need for the lift to intrude on the ground floor. This makes it suitable for home that have doors immediately by the staircase. As well as this, the Ultimate presents a Reduced Intrusion Finish for upper floor landings, similar to the First Step Start, this option means that the rail finishes on the alongside the top step on the top of the stairs.

This stairlift also boats a start and finish 90° and 180° wrap option, meaning that the rail can be curved around the ground floor banister or upper floor landing, which means that the lift can be parked away from the staircase allowing other stair users to pass easily and aids transfers on and off the chair. This feature makes the lift suitable for other stair users as it reduces obstruction on the staircase and also offers easier transitioning to the lift. On top of this, the Ultimate boasts a rail incline of 75° making it the perfect option for steeper staircases.

The two-way power swivel of the Platinum Ultimate means that the chair can face the direction of travel offers extra comfort and stability for users and fits almost all staircases even narrow ones.

Platinum Ultimate Stairlift Technical Info

  • Weight Limit:  25 stone / 160kg
  • Overall Dimensions: Width of stair lift when folded up 375mm and when unfolded 610mm
  • Chair Dimensions:
    Seat height (from footplate to top of seat) 400-468mm
    Height from floor to top of footrest 95mm
    Width of seat between armrests 440-530mm
  • Staircase Dimensions:  Fits staircases 610mm wide and over; space needed at bottom of stairs to park the chair 450-600mm (depending on start point)
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