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The Flow 2 curved stairlift is one of the very best models you can buy and is extremely popular with our customers, they just love it.  It is unique for being able to fit on narrow curved stairs, where other lifts can’t fit.  It can accommodate multiple bends, multi-flight stairs and even spiral stairs like the one in our showroom.

Flow 2 stairlift on a curved rail

Crafted to perfection

Flow 2 Stairlift Key Features

Flow 2 – Summary Key Features:

  • A single tube rail system which is 8cm in diameter.
  • There’s a manual swivel seat which is standard and can upgrade to a Powered Swivel seat.  This model is quite unique in that it can power swivel in travel to a downward facing position to negotiate very narrow stairs.
  • It neatly folds away when not in use with a footrest linkage fitted as standard.
  • The track can go on the internal and external radius of the stairs, negotiating 90 and 180 degree bends, from simple curved staircases to complicated multi-flight staircases in flats or town houses and even spiral stairs like in our showroom.
  • Neat “drop nose” rail start position requires just 175mm of space from the first step.
  • There is a choice of joystick or ergonomic rocker switch to control it.
  • Battery operated, so it works even in the event of a power cut.
  • Charge points at the top and the bottom of the track to park and charge with the option of additional intermediate charge points to park it in mid way position on the track or intermediate stop point.
  • Wall mounted call and send controls.
  • Flow 2 has wipe clean upholstery, available in a choice of six vinyl colours: red, grey, sisal, blue, maroon, green and four fabric colours: black, blue, beige, red.
  • Safety edges around the carriage so it automatically stops if it meets an obstruction.
  • Unique designed retractable safety belt to secure you in the seat when in travel.

Flow Script for Video

If you have curved stairs you may be wondering will a stairlift go around corners? Well, the answer is yes!  The Flow is the most advanced curved model on the market and it fits on more curved stairs than any other model, even spiral ones like in our showroom.  So how can this model fit where others can’t?  Let us show you.

Why Choose the Flow?

The Flow is very reliable and so easy to use.  It has so many unique features like the optional “downward-facing power swivel in travel” mode fitting tight stairs as narrow as 610mm and negotiating very tight corners.  And for wider width stairs, the chair can face the wall or the banister in a side facing position.

The single tube rail design can be configured to match your stairs however many bends you have, whether that’s flat landings, fan shaped stairs, spirals, quirky stairs and even multiflight stairs with a stop off point at each floor.  It can travel on the inside or outside radius of the stairs (that’s normally the bannister or wall side) and can even park off the stairs on a parking bend in the hallway or on the landing.  The rail fits low to the stair treads for a nice neat finish.

The chair and footrest fold up when not in use or you can leave it all unfolded and ready to go.  The seat base and footrest are linked together and a lever will fold up the footrest for you.  There are two footrest options – a large footrest and a small footrest to negotiate very tight stairs.  Curved armrests are fitted to keep you safe in the chair.  As an option on a side facing chair you can have straight arms instead of the curved arms.

To operate simply sit in the seat, fasten the seatbelt and press the arm control in the direction of travel with constant pressure.  This model comes with a choice of joystick or rocker arm control.  Once the lift reaches the end of the rail it will stop automatically.

The chair swivels around at the top for you to get off.  A manual swivel comes as standard – to operate release the lever at the side of the chair and manually turn the chair, like you would an office chair.  However, most Flow configurations require the upgraded Powered Swivel which automatically swivels around when you keep the joystick pressed as it reaches the top of the stairs.  On both swivel options the footrest moves onto the landing area with the chair.  When the chair is swivelled this acts as a barrier to the open stairs.  To come back down the stairs swivel the chair back around and press the joystick in the down direction. You can also overrun the rail onto the landing so you don’t need to turn the chair at the top.

The fabric on the comfortable seat is a lovely wipe clean vinyl and comes in a choice of Sisal Cream, Red, Grey and Maroon Brown.  The Flow has the lowest seat height of any curved model to accommodate users who are petite.  This is height adjustable to will fit taller users too.

The remote Call/Send controls can be used if there are two people in the house that need to use the lift or you can use them to park the lift out of the way when it’s not being used.

All stairlifts are battery powered and charged by parking the lift on a charge station normally at the top and bottom of the rail and sometimes an intermediate charge station.  A battery charger unit will run from a mains socket in your house and connect to the rail charging system.  If you have a power cut the lift will still work. If you are wondering why is the stairlift bleeping that’s because there is an audible alarm to tell you that there is no power coming through so the lift is either off a charge station or the powerpoint is switched off.

We are sometimes asked are stairlifts safe?  Of course they are.  The Flow has a seatbelt which you should use when in travel.  The whole chair on the Flow acts as a safety edge so if you meet an obstruction on the stairs it will stop automatically to prevent trapping hazards.  The controls are constant pressure so you can stop the lift any time by releasing the controls.

Safety standards recommend your model be serviced and safety checked once a year for complete security.  We offer servicing and maintenance as part of our aftercare service to you.

All models have a safe weight limit and this model will hold a person up to 125Kgs that’s around 19.6 stone.

Another feature unique to this model is an emergency pull cord.  If you should ever get stuck on the stairs gently pull out the cord and it will slowly lower the lift to the ground floor.

So in summary, the Flow is one of, if not the best curved stairlift, packed with a host of unique features, that will fit on any stairs.  All models are made to measure as a bespoke item and can be manufactured in a few weeks.

So how do I buy the Flow and how much does it cost?

To get a firm price quotation we need to do a Survey and Assessment, a fact find to make sure that this model is the best one for you taking your mobility needs and to measure your stairs.  Making sure you get the right model is critical to your comfort and safety and that’s why a thorough assessment is done to get it perfect for you.  There are a multitude of different rail configurations and options on this model so we can discuss this with you.

You can also try out this model in our showroom in Calne in Wiltshire so what are you waiting for.  To organise an Assessment or to book a showroom visit pick up the phone and call us today on 0800 019 22 10.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Flow 2 Stairlift Technical Info

  • Weight Limit: 19.7 stone / 125kg
  • Overall Dimensions: Width of stairlift when folded up 340mm and when unfolded 750mm
  • Chair Dimensions: Seat heights (from footplate to top of seat 485mm-575mm; width of seat between armrests 585mm
  • Staircase Dimensions: Fits staircases 600mm wide and over
Flow Emergency release cord

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