The Flow 2 curved stairlift is one of the very best models you can buy and is extremely popular with our customers, they just love it.  It is unique for being able to fit on narrow curved stairs, where other lifts can’t fit.  It can accommodate multiple bends, multi-flight stairs and even spiral stairs like the one in our showroom.

Flow 2

What does the Flow look and feel like?

The Flow is a stylish looking product and runs on a single tube rail system that will be made bespoke to your curved stairs.  The rail can run on either side of your stairs, around the internal radius (usually the banister side) or the external radius (usually the wall side).  The rail can be configured to whatever will best suit your stairs and needs.

The chair has curved wrap around armrests that fold up when not in use.  The chair and footrest also folds up too.  The chair comes in a choice of upholsteries and offers a comfortable and smooth ride up and down your stairs.

How does the Flow work?

At the end of the chair arm, there is a joystick or rocker switch control.  When you want to use the lift you simply fold down the chair and press the arm control in the up or down direction that you want to travel in.  As with all lifts they are constant pressure controls so you need to keep a light pressure on the control until it takes you to the end of your travel.  Once at the end of the rail, your lift will automatically stop.

It depends on your rail configuration as to whether we would recommend a fixed seat, manual swivel or powered swivel seat.  For example, if you have a tight curved stairs and need the “downward facing swivel in transit” feature your model will come with a powered swivel.  If your rail overruns onto the top landing then you wouldn’t need to swivel the chair, you would normally just step off at the top as you will be safely on your landing already.  Our Surveyor would advise you on the best options on a free Home Assessment Visit.

Theres call/send controls that come with the product so you can make sure your lift is parked on a charge point to charge up at the end of the rail or at a designated charge position on the rail.  If the product is for multiple users then you can use these controls to manoeuvre the lift to the person on the other level.

The park points act as a charging station which is why it needs to be parked in a certain position to be able to be fully charged up ready for use.

How does the Flow fit in my home?

The Flow rail is supported by a number of brackets that are screwed through and fixed to your steps.  The rail is bespoke to your stairs and will be made to your exact configuration of stairs.  The rail will come in several different sections and will be joined together and built up by our expert engineers.

Once the rail is built up, the carriage and chair will then be assembled and fitted to the rail.

Further technical information is included at the bottom of this page for reference on its approximate dimensions.

 How long does it take to fit?

When we come and do the Home Assessment Visit we can measure your stairs to give you an accurate price.  Because this product is bespoke and the rail is designed exactly to your stairs, we must also undertake a “photosurvey” which involves taking pictures of your stairs so the rail configuration can be drawn up.

The Photosurvey is then sent to the manufacturers to provide us with exact drawings that we can check and approve to make sure you get the best fit rail design.  Your lift would then be manufactured and delivered to us from the factory ready for your installation.  Because this is a bespoke solution and made to measure it would take approximately 4 weeks from the photosurvey to installation.

One or usually two engineers will come to your home to install this for you and depending on the complexity of your stairs it would normally take around 4-6 hours to install correctly and give you a safety demonstration and handover.

What do I need to do to get it fitted?

Because of the bespoke nature of this product the sooner you can act the better.  The first step is to have a free Home Assessment Visit where one of our surveyors will visit you in your home to assess your needs and your stairs.  He can then see which lift will be best for your particular needs and stairs and give you a price there and then.

We’ll need to have a powerpoint nearby to provide continuous power to the lift.  If you don’t have one nearby that we can use then we can organise for one to be fitted and look after the job from start to finish.  The power will keep the batteries in your lift charged up so it is ready to use all the time.

How do I maintain it?

If you purchase this product from us, it will come with a 2-year warranty which includes one annual service*, with the option to extend the warranty/servicing for up to 5 years from the date of installation.  You should have an annual service each year to make sure your product is working at it’s best, is all safety checked and kept clean and lubricated.  A quick wipe over of the seat, carriage and rail with a damp cloth each week will prevent any dust or animal hair build up inside the carriage.

*for private customers excludes local authority customers who are subject to their own warranty requirements.

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Flow 2 – Summary Key Features:

  • A single tube rail system which is 8cm in diameter.
  • There’s a manual swivel seat which is standard and can upgrade to a Powered Swivel seat.  This model is quite unique in that it can power swivel in travel to a downward facing position to negotiate very narrow stairs.
  • It neatly folds away when not in use with a footrest linkage fitted as standard.
  • The track can go on the internal and external radius of the stairs, negotiating 90 and 180 degree bends, from simple curved staircases to complicated multi-flight staircases in flats or town houses and even spiral stairs like in our showroom.
  • Neat “drop nose” rail start position requires just 175mm of space from the first step.
  • There is a choice of joystick or ergonomic rocker switch to control it.
  • Battery operated, so it works even in the event of a power cut.
  • Charge points at the top and the bottom of the track to park and charge with the option of additional intermediate charge points to park it in mid way position on the track or intermediate stop point.
  • Wall mounted call and send controls.
  • Flow 2 has wipe clean upholstery, available in a choice of six vinyl colours: red, grey, sisal, blue, maroon, green and four fabric colours: black, blue, beige, red.
  • Safety edges around the carriage so it automatically stops if it meets an obstruction.
  • Unique designed retractable safety belt to secure you in the seat when in travel.

Flow 2 – Technical Specification:

Weight Limit:  19.7 stone / 125kg

Overall Dimensions:  Width of stairlift when folded up 340mm and when unfolded 750mm

Chair Dimensions:  Seat heights (from footplate to top of seat 485mm-575mm; width of seat between armrests 585mm

Staircase Dimensions:  Fits staircases 600mm wide and over


“I would recommend 1st Choice, their service was 5*.  Their engineer was kind, courteous and a clean and tidy worker, just fabulous!”

Mrs Whitcher, Salisbury