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We have a range of outdoor wheelchair lifts and platform stair lifts which have various options making them suitable for outdoor use.  They can be installed where the user requires access to, or from outdoor areas.  These can be vertical or step lifts the former taking the user straight upwards, the latter in an up and over motion, there is a third option, being a more traditional stairlift, just like an indoor model, just waterproof for external use.

All options are controlled by the wheelchair occupant. The wheelchair lifts are where the occupant  would simply enter the lift while seated in their chair and operate the onboard controls to take them up or down the stairs. These models can be used while alone.  We also have the option of outdoor stairlifts, the main difference being that they have a fixed seat (the same as a traditional indoor stairlift) which the user would sit on to use, so are better suited to those with a higher degree of mobility.

What are Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts & Stairlifts?

Quite simply an outdoor wheelchair platform lift or platform stair lift is a lift which a wheelchair can be rolled into while the occupant remains seated, it then raises them to the next level surface, typically up a short flight of stairs. These disabled access lifts are also waterproof and can therefore remain fixed in place outdoors year round. An outdoor stairlift differs because the users get in and out of a seat at the top and bottom themselves, so can be better suited to people who don’t need a wheelchair all the time, but require a little help with stairs.We supply and install our range of outside lifts for homes around Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Bristol, Bath and Somerset. We also provide full warranty with new models and ongoing support and servicing with a large range of in stock parts.

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Having a stairlift or vertical lift installed is an investment that will make such a difference and transform your life, to help you stay in the home you love.

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