I had a stroke, my left side’s numb all the time. It isn’t a very nice thing, I don’t wish it on anybody.

We got in contact with other companies and they said they couldn’t do anything and it was the OT that suggested 1st Choice Stairlifts. Colin came and had a look at it and he made sure that the stairs was strong enough, and he said it was and they wanted to put it on the inside of the stairs so that I’d have room to walk on the outside.

They had to tweak it quite a lot, because Roger would have hit his head, but now his head just skims it.

They were very good, the engineer, he was very good setting it up. He took ages to set it up properly so we could skim, it just about fits. It’s okay when you get in and get going, you’ve got no choice, you’ve got to go.

There’s positions were it goes slow when it goes around the corner, and going straight it speeds up, then it goes round the other corner and it slows down, then goes onto its charging point.

I would say how helpful they were 1st Choice Stairlifts, we found them very good, good service.

I think the best thing was when Colin said he could do it because it gave us our downstairs room back.

It’s enabled us to stay in our family home, having the stairlift fitted.

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