Stairlift Review:  Martyn’s Story

Story Overview

Martyn used to be a paramedic, rushing around to help, rescue and care for others.  One day, Martyn found himself needing the services of the paramedics, when he had a nasty motorbike accident and they came to his aid.

As a result of the accident, his life was completely changed.  He had to have one of his legs amputated and became a wheelchair user.  This meant that he had spent a long time in hospital on the road to recovery.

Realising that when he came out of hospital there was no way he was going to manage the stairs, he enlisted our help to install a lift for him so it would be ready for his return home.

Most of the contact we had was with Martyn over the telephone from his hospital bed and with other people helping him.  Everything was organised around Martyn’s hospital discharge and we did what we promised and the lift was ready for him when he came home from hospital.

With just a few hours fitting, Martyn’s upstairs was made accessible to him so he could use his whole house and not be restricted by his curved stairs.

Martyn opted to have a reconditioned model from our range.  These are previously used stairlifts which have been reconditioned by our workshop engineer, to look and sound like new when they are refitted.  It also helps the environment by reusing and reinstalling equipment and at a lower cost than a new model.

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Transcript of Stairlift Review video

“Several months ago I had a serious motorcycle accident and was in hospital for a long, long time, and unfortunately as a result of that lost a leg and I then became wheelchair bound.

While I was in hospital the various staff, OTs, came to the house and made assessments of where I could and couldn’t access. The idea of the stair lift was mooted and I thought it was a great idea, but like other people in my life-changing situation, what do I know about stair lifts?

So, I had a lot of friends help me out and they went on the net and looked at various options and there are quite a lot of companies producing stair lifts. But one of the things that first led me to 1st Choice Stairlifts was the fact it’s a local firm, so there’s that immediate contact I thought.

A lot of this was done on telephone unfortunately because I was in hospital, which made things a lot more difficult than a normal purchase. It was excellent it was almost a case of it does what it says on the box.

The people came to see me, they said this is what you need, they did it, they did it when they said they would do it and it was all ready to go, so that when I came home everything was in place and reasonably normal life which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

All the choices and options were transmitted to me and I was able to say yes, no this is what I want, and it was all done very effectively. As you can imagine doing it through that third party space in between was difficult, but 1st Choice were excellent, they transmitted everything to me and to the people who were here and it worked very well.

When you’re buying anything, the first thing you want is for people to talk to you sensibly and say this is what you need or this is what would be best, this is what it will cost and as you know with other purchases sometimes that changes. But no, 1st Choice were very good this is what you want, this is what it will cost, this is how long it will take to do, it will be ready by that date, and it was. That’s all you need from any product, when, where and how, and they do what they say.”

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