Liam’s story is told by his mum Hayley.

Liam’s five, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at fifteen months old, which is a physical condition and also he has a severe learning difficulty as well, so he can’t speak.

Basically when he got to about three years of age I contacted my OT Helen, who agreed Liam was getting quite big now and quite heavy to carry, so we looked at the stairlift option to help me getting him in and out, and up and down the stairs sort of thing.

We went over to 1st Choice Stairlifts and tested out the stairlift. Liam, being a child, he has to have a specialist Panda seat actually provided. It’s very very supportive for him getting up and down the stairs and helps me mentally.

I had a grant which Liam’s OT basically advised us on and she put us in touch with 1st Choice Stairlifts. All the customer service, and stuff like that, they’ve been fantastic with.

When I’ve always phoned up I’ve always dealt with Lindsey in Customer Services she’s been great everytime I’ve phoned up. I’ve also dealt alot with Colin, when he actually came to put the stairlift in, obviously he came to do that as well, so I’ve had quite a close relationship with the team in general.

The thing is with a grant it all depends on the child’s needs and stuff like that, but 1st Choice Stairlifts are fantastic, they cater for all sorts of disabilities.

1st Choice Stairlifts gave us the best welcome, made us feel welcome, they gave us cups of coffee, tea, all those sort of things, customer service so to speak, so I was very happy.

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