Stairlift Review: John & Vicky’s Story

Their Story Overview

John has a brain tumour that is restricting his mobility.  Although he had fallen a few times on the stairs he thought he would just struggle on, until one day he had a fall.  He couldn’t get up from the fall and had to call for help.

That made their mind up to getting a lift fitted.  We went to visit them in their home to assess their stairs and recommended the Flow model.  They also came to our showroom and had a test drive just to make sure that they were confident that this was going to help solve their problem.  It also gave them the opportunity to see what we were all about and meet the team, to give them total peace of mind in their purchase.

They mention in the video about how we make them feel as a customer and it’s true – we genuinely do care in wanting to help people and make a difference to their lives.

The rail design configuration of the Flow meant that it would be parked off the staircase so it did not impede access to the stairs for Vicky who could still climb the stairs well.

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Transcript of their Stairlift Review Video

“I have a brain tumour which is steadily reducing my movement.

I’d struggled to try and get upstairs and downstairs and then on one particular day I got stuck halfway, and unfortunately I’m rather a large size and my wife struggled desperately to try and get me either up or down and really did neither. I ignored that one, because I thought I could cope, but then it happened again two days later and I fell this time and I realised at that stage that I had to do something about the mobility in terms of trying to get upstairs.

I decided we really had to go for a stairlift, to allow me to use the upstairs of the house and all the facilities that are up there with ease and with comfort. To sleep in your own bed for example makes a massive difference.

We were recommended to talk to 1st Choice by the Prospect Hospice. We were very impressed with their help and service, and their caring aspect too.

The problem we’ve got is that you actually have to go round four right angles up in the stair area. That in itself presents a challenge to most other companies and it also has to go on the inside of the stairs as opposed to the outside. Most people when you put a stairlift alongside a normal stair, it constrains very much the normal, fit and healthy person who wants to go up and down stairs.

When we made the approach to 1st Choice Stairlifts and saw what was available from them and the fact they were local, everything seemed to gel with us.

We knew that they were recommending us what they genuinely believed to be the best solution for our problem, which we found very reassuring.

We just felt they were probably the best people to look after us because they gave us the impression they really did care and that got through to me very strongly.

It’s given us our life back.”

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