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Helen had pain in her back which ultimately ended up with paralysis in her legs.  After a lengthy stay in hospital she was able to return home, but needed to make her house accessible first.

Helen lives in a split level house with her husband.  There is a main flight of stairs from ground floor to first floor and another set of two steps from her dining room into her lounge.  Helen is fiercely independent and wanted to live a normal life in her home.  That meant that she needed to make some new additions to her home to help her access the whole house.

As she is a wheelchair user, we installed a 2000 model.  The chair height was suitable for her to transfer between the wheelchair and lift.  In order to make this safer we put an overrun at the top and bottom of the stairs, so there is plenty of space to manoeuvre and the transfer was made safer doing it away from the stairs.  We did this on both models on her main flight and on the split level flight.

With the installations, her home was now fully accessible ready for her return from her hospital discharge.

You can find out more about the 2000 model by visiting our product page.

Transcript of their Stairlift Review Video:

I hurt my back in July 2005 and I had what I now know is a very serious condition. I had bilateral pain, that is pain down both legs and that means something is severely wrong with ones back.

I know I look okay. I look as though I haven’t got a splinter in my finger, but I am in constant pain. So after a month in the private hospital in Swindon, Ridgeway Hospital, I went to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for two months. But then of course coming home is when one really realises the difference in ones life.

It was the Occupational Therapist who suggested Colin and Coral of 1st Choice and they were absolutely marvellous. They came to the house and installed the lift before I was home full time and for me that was accessibility.

What I liked about Colin and Coral was that they treated me normally. Now that might sound silly to somebody who’s able bodied, but it’s extremely important to me because I want people to see me as me.

Each stairlift is particular to that one staircase. Colin arranged it so that when it went up the stairs I didn’t get off at the top of the stairs, because that would have been dangerous, so he moved it round a corner so I had free access to get off by the landing window absolutely fine.

I find the use of it extremely easy, it couldn’t be easier in fact. I think anyone could get on to the stairlifts.

Of course this house being split level is not ideal for somebody in a wheelchair and I used to look at the two steps from the dining room into the lounge and feel how crazy it was that I couldn’t just get down them. We did try a ramp but it was too intrusive into the room and wasn’t fair on the rest of the family, so we had another lift down two steps. It’s been a marvellous addition and I couldn’t do without it now.

If anyone asked me where I had the stairlifts from I would say, 1st Choice, they are nice people who know their job. I’m perfectly, fully independent because of 1st Choice.


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