Because all stair lifts these days are powered by on-board batteries, it is important to check that your lift is always on charge when it is not in use. Luckily, there are plenty of different options for making sure that your lift is always charging, no matter how complicated your staircase is.

Charging points

Most stairlifts are fitted with charging points, one at the top and one at the bottom. Chair lift charging points come in different shapes and sizes but can easily be identified. They have a metal conducting strip which connects to your stairlift when it reaches the end of its travel. This will charge your stairlift when it is not in use.

Continuous charge

Some straight stairlifts have a continuous charging strip along the entire rail, which means that the lift can charge anywhere along the rail. This is a handy feature when there isn’t much space at either the top or the bottom of the stairs, as the user can send the lift up a few steps and keep the hallway clear of obstruction.

Additional Parking Point

Another solution is to have an additional parking point, which allows you to send the stairlift up to park away from the top or bottom of the stairs to keep both the top landing and bottom hallway clear.

Intermediate Parking Point

If your stair lift is going up two flights of stairs, or if there is any kind of landing you still want to be able to get to easily, we will install the lift with an intermedite parking point. This will mean that you can park the lift on the first landing and the lift continue to charge. This is important to ensure your stairlift batteries to not run down.

Spur Powerpoint

All of our stairlifts are powered through a standard 13A spur powerpoint – the same plug socket you would use for any household appliance. When surveying your house, our surveyor will check to see if there is an available power socket at the top or bottom of the stairs to use for your stair lift. If you do not have an available spur power point, we will install one for you.

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