discussing brand namsDid you know that quite often people get confused with brands and products?

It’s easily done – I’m guilty of it myself.  How often do you say “I need to do the hoovering” when in fact you mean that you “need to do the vacuuming”!  Hoover is of course the brand name and vacuum is the name of the product.  And that often happens with “Stannah Stairlifts”.

Thanks to the brilliant marketing over the years of the iconic Stannah brand, often people get the Stannah brand mixed up with the product, believing that all lifts on the market are “Stannah Stairlifts” when in fact, they’re not – this is a mixed generic term.

Did you know that including Stannah there are actually 8 manufacturing companies with bases right here in the UK.  The owners of 2 of these manufacturing companies recently appeared in the 2019 Sunday Times 1000 Rich List.  Here we’ll pick out the most popular manufacturers that you may or may not have heard of.

Flow Stairlift on spiral stairsAccess

Access is a subsidiary of the multi-billion euro ThyssenKrupp group who as a group build everything from warships, steel manufacturing, to car parts in many makes including the prestigious Audi and BMW brands, Lifts and Escalators and of course stair lifts.  You can see the HomeGlide, HomeGlide Extra and Flow here that they manufacture.  The Flow, is arguably the most advanced and versatile lift around and it beats other manufacturers particularly on narrow curved stairs where others can’t fit.  These models are our best selling range of products.  Our customers love using them and our engineers love fitting and maintaining them. (Picture shows the Flow Model)


Acorn, Brooks, Bison, Budget and Trade Stairlifts are all companies registered to Acorns owner.  The company successfully exports worldwide, as well as selling products in the UK through direct sales themselves and their dealer network.  You can see their popular Brooks straight model we sell here.


Handicare group took over Minivator and Freelift and merged the two companies together to form the Handicare we all know today.  The Companion brand is the direct sales company owned by Handicare and they have a partnership agreement with Age UK.  We sell their range of products including the 950, 950+, 2000 and Van Gogh. (Picture shows the 950+ model).


Stannah stairlifts are incredibly successful and have a strong family history in lifts dating back to the 1800’s.  They sell their brand mainly through their own company but also sell to a small number of dealers in the UK and they export worldwide.

Oto Air Curved StairliftOtolift

Otolift is a manufacturer you might not be familiar with, but they were one of the first companies to develop stair lifts in the 1960’s.  Their Oto Two twin tube rail design proved popular and this design concept was later used by Stannah.  We supply the Oto Two model as well as the Oto Air and Otolift only supply through a small select dealer network. (Picture shows the Oto Air model)


Platinum have been manufacturing for over 20 years in the UK and supply only through a dealer network.  Their “Platinum Curve” is popular with clients who require heavy duty use and the “Ultimate” is their newest single tube rail lift, both of which you can buy from our range.


So we hope that this blog post has made things a lot clearer in our who’s who guide.  You can see that as we buy from different manufacturers, we have a great range to offer customers, to suit a wide range of stairs and user needs.

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