All I want for Christmas is …… a Stairlift!

That wonderful time of year – Christmas!  The house is looking all festive.  Families gathered altogether. A sprinkling of snow if you’re lucky.  Santa is on his sleigh ready to delight the children on Christmas Day.

Some people aren’t able to enjoy Christmas as much as they could do.  This is when a stairlift comes to the rescue.  Sounds a little weird right?  Let’s tell you a little story about how a stairlift helped our family at Christmas:

Home From Hospital, Christmas 2017

Hospitals tend to discharge patients before Christmas who are well enough to go home.  Let’s face it, you’d much rather be at home at Christmastime than stuck in hospital if you could.  Sometimes people who are discharged from hospital might be well enough, but might still struggle with the stairs at home.

Last Christmas, Colin’s Mum was in hospital for around a week before the festive period.  A few days before Christmas she was discharged, well enough to go home but still rather weak.  She lives in a bungalow so stairs aren’t an issue, but we didn’t feel comfortable leaving her home alone, fresh out of hospital and an hour away from where we live.

We therefore were all in agreement that she come and stay at our house.  This would give her a chance to recuperate and pick her strength up over the festive period.  But we have stairs ……

We could have made a downstairs bedroom, but it wouldn’t be very private.  Quite a big task too clearing out a room downstairs and disassembling the whole bed upstairs, manoeuvring it downstairs and setting it up.  Not to mention having to undo everything to put it all back where it was originally when she left.

Although we have a downstairs toilet, the shower and bath are upstairs so no dignified privacy or washing facilities.  So what did we do (well the obvious if you have a stairlift company!)?  We installed a temporary rental straight stairlift for her coming out of hospital.  She had access to the whole house, her own bedroom upstairs and access to the bathroom.  She was comfortable, she slept well, regained her strength and had a great Christmas to boot.

Why are we telling you this personal story?  Because we can help you too and make your life easier if:

  • You’ve got someone coming to stay with you over the festive period who can’t cope with the stairs. Like us you don’t want the upheaval of converting your downstairs.  Install a temporary rental stairlift fitted in just a few hours to make life easier and more comfortable.  Just call us when you don’t need it anymore and we’ll take it away included in the price.
  • If someone you know is being discharged from hospital and they can stay in their home but can’t manage the stairs. We can install a temporary rental stairlift until they get back on their feet and more mobile.  Don’t forget we offer the option to buy the existing rental lift that you have at a later date, if you decide you need it on a more permanent basis.

Visiting Family this Christmas and realising they can no longer manage the stairs

Christmas is generally a time that families get together.  These days families are often scattered across the country or even the world, so we don’t get to see each other as often as we should.  But at Christmastime a lot of people go to visit their parents/aunties/uncles/family friends etc.

And because it’s a while since you last visited, you notice there has been a change in your loved ones health.  They are struggling getting up and down the stairs and look unsafe on the stairs.  They didn’t have any problems last Christmas and never mentioned how bad things were.  They didn’t want to bother you and just soldier on even though it takes 5 times longer to get up and down stairs.

This happens every Christmas to more families that you can imagine and is very common.  The Christmas home visit and can be a real eyeopener.  A time for action to discuss the possibilities to find a safer solution to the stairs.

We can obviously help with a stairlift or Homelift and free advice.  There’s many articles and information in our free resources section.  You can also check out our products here.

If you’d like to chat in more detail about having a lift fitted then call us on 08000 19 22 10.  We offer free home visits and no obligation quotations.

All I want for Christmas is (to help) You!  Have a very Merry Christmas.


P.S. Have you guessed what my all time favourite Christmas song is yet?  If you haven’t figured it out or want to hear it take a look at the video on Youtube

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