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Here is a quick summary of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked about stair lifts.  Just click on the question to get the answer.  You can find more indepth information and articles on our stairlifts in our Free Resources page.

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Is my wall strong enough to support a stairlift?

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked. All stair lifts are actually fitted to the steps, not the wall, which means that there is no damage to your walls or decoration. The stairlift brackets, or legs, are screwed into the treads of the steps, so chair lifts can even be installed on staircases in homes with plasterboard and non-supporting walls.

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Will a stairlift fit on my stairs?

Today’s stairlifts are incredibly versatile, so they can fit on the majority of staircases – even spiral ones! There are many makes of stairlift, with different models and options which enable a stairlift to be fitted almost anywhere. We provide a wide range stairlifts to choose from, to suit different types of stairs so we can accommodate most stairs.  With our wealth of expertise, we can also often fit a stairlift where other companies can’t.  We can visit you in-home and assess your stairs free of charge with no-obligation so why not contact us today.

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What if my house is a grade listed building, can a stairlift be fitted?

We have installed stair lifts in listed buildings but this depends on the exact listing and planning approval.  We are experienced in this field and will provide all the technical information you will need to apply for permission.  If you want someone else to take care of the planning application for you, we do know expert planners who we can put you in touch with to assist with your application

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Does someone need to come out and measure my stairs?

Yes!  All stairlift companies should measure your stairs, measure you and take your particular environment into consideration.  A full and proper assessment must be done to make sure that your stairlift fits your staircase, meets your needs and is safe for you to use. This assessment is no-obligation and free of charge, and should take no longer than an hour, depending on the staircase.

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How much does a stairlift cost?

The cost of a stairlift varies depending on the configuration of your stairs, the stairlift model you choose and what pre-installation works are necessary to install the chair lift, for example the installation of a powerpoint.

As a general guide, the price of reconditioned straight stairlifts start from £850 and curved stairlifts from £2,695. New straight stairlifts start from approximately £1,500, and curved stairlifts from £4,250. You can also rent stairlifts from us from £350 for straight stairlifts and from £1800 for curved stairlifts. If there are any additional features you need on a lift the price will be more expensive.

We can give you an accurate written quotation for a stairlift once we have completed a thorough home assessment and determined the stairlift that’s right for you and your home.

If you need help with costs, there are options available to have a stairlift installed that is paid for by someone else such as under a Disabled Facilities Grant or through charitable funding.  However this can be a lengthy process to go through and your financial affairs will need to be assessed to determine if you meet the criteria to get funding.  You would also have to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist too.  We can help to signpost you in the right direction if you need any help on funding.

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How much does a stairlift cost to run?

Stairlifts are very economical and environmentally friendly. A stairlift only cost pennies a year to run.

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Will the stairlift take up most of my stairs and how will other people get upstairs past it?

Stairlifts today are very slimline. When folded they usually take up around 300mm depending on the model. This leaves plenty of space for people not using the chair lift to walk up the stairs as normal.

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What is the delivery time?

Depending on the stairlift model you choose, delivery times can vary from around next day to two weeks for straight stairlift, and from one to six weeks for curved stairlift as the rail will be manufactured bespoke to your staircase turns and dimensions.

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What guarantee do I get with my stairlift? Do you offer warranties or service contracts?

All stairlifts supplied by us come with a standard warranty with either 12 or 24 months warranty which can be extended through our range of Maintenance packages. You’ll find more details of our stairlift service package on the Aftercare page, or contact us on 08000 19 22 10 for further details.

As a minimum you will need to ensure that you have your stairlift serviced annually to ensure it is safety checked and in good working order.

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My stairlift was fitted by another company. Do you look after maintenance on these lifts?

Yes, in fact we receive numerous calls of this nature from clients who are not satisfied with their original stairlift installer or are unable to get aftercare support from them and would prefer to have us look after their stairlift maintenance. You’ll find more details of our stairlift service packages on the Aftercare page, or contact us on 01249 814528 for further details.

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Why choose 1st Choice Stairlifts?

We offer an extensive range of excellent lifts and pride ourselves on the level of exceptional customer service we can deliver to you. All our staff are experts and qualified professionals with many years of experience in lifts from our office staff to surveyors to engineers who are courteous, polite and friendly at all times. We’re also a local, family run independent stairlift company based in Wiltshire, however we also cover surrounding areas of Bath, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, West Hampshire and Berkshire.

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When choosing a stairlift , how can I be sure that I’m making the right decision?

Having a stair lift installed is a life changing decision and it can be expensive, but compared to the cost of moving home or going into care, it is the most cost effective solution to remaining in your home and having the freedom to access all areas of your house.

Stairs are the most common place in your home for slips, trips and falls of which most result in lengthy hospital stays and recuperation.

In fact, the only complaint we get from customers after their installation is “Why did we wait this long to have stairlift fitted!”, when they see what an instant difference it makes to their quality of life.

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Why shouldn’t I buy a lift on the internet or out of the newspaper?

Stairlifts are as individual as you are – bespokely made to each individual staircase and each individual customer’s requirements.  Will the internet or newspaper do a full assessment to make sure the lift is fit for purpose for you and come and fix your stairlift if you have a problem?  We’ve had customers who have bought a stairlift and been caught like this and called us in to help them right their mistake.

Stairlifts are very technical pieces of machinery and should only be installed by a recognised company and a qualified and experienced stairlift engineer.  We have seen stairlifts installed by non-qualified persons that are dangerous and compromise your safety and the safety of other people in your home.  Always make sure that you buy a stair lift from a reputable company that has qualified installers.

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Will the cheapest stairlift installer give me the best value for money?

Sometimes it is true in life that you get what you pay for and the cheapest price may not necessarily be the best overall value for money.  When comparing prices always make sure that you receive a written quotation that details the stairlift you’ve chosen, the installation, warranty period, what that warranty includes and the exact price you will pay, to ensure that you can compare on a like-for-like basis.

Remember a price includes the product but more importantly THE SERVICE! Make sure you know what aftercare the company will provide if you should ever have a problem with your stairlift and how local the engineer is to you.  Do they offer an out of hours service if your lift happens to break down?

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How do I avoid getting a stairlift installed which isn’t suitable for my needs?

We sometimes come across stairlifts that have been installed but aren’t appropriate for a customer’s specific needs.  Always make sure that the stairlift company comes to visit your house, measures your stairs and measures you sitting in a chair to check whether a stairlift will fit you and your staircase.  A reputable stair lift company should also ask you questions about your mobility and how it could change in the future to make sure your needs will be fully met.  If possible, try a stairlift in a showroom near you to make sure that it will meet your expectations.  Our showroom is open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. We have 7 lifts for you to try and our friendly staff are trained to explain all of the lifts’ features. For details of one of our showrooms near you call 08000 19 22 10.

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