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Expert advice on how to maintain and clean your product

How to clean a stairlift

One of the questions we are asked is how do I maintain a stairlift and how do I clean it?  Do I have to lubricate it too?

Lifts are generally very reliable, it’s not usual that you would encounter problems, but as this is a mechanical/electrical device faults can sometimes occur.  Therefore, undertaking some preventative maintenance is very beneficial and can often prolong the lifespan of your product.  Certainly in our wealth of experience, we find that well-maintained products tend to last longer.

As a minimum where possible your product should be:

  • Serviced and safety checked annually by a qualified engineer
  • Only lubricated if needed by a qualified engineer
  • Cleaned down weekly – paying particular attention to the rail
  • Only ever maintained and repaired by a qualified engineer for safety reasons

An Annual Service is strongly recommended for your safety and peace of mind

You should have an annual service which is recommended by safety standards and is to be carried out by a trained and qualified engineer.  That way your product is checked every year to make sure all the safety circuits are working correctly, any bolts are tightened and the batteries are not running flat to name but a few (there are 25 checklist points we use altogether).  You wouldn’t go out in a car without it being serviced regularly and this product is no different.  It is your mode of transport and needs to be periodically checked over to make sure it remains safe for you to use.  We have explained more about this in our free resources article “Why should I have a service?”

If you need to book in a service then contact our Aftercare Department on

01249 814528 (Press option 3) and we can organise a convenient time to visit.


Why you shouldn’t apply lubricant

You won’t need to lubricate the rail or any parts as this is done on a service, by an engineer, only if it is needed.  Sometimes we have seen products installed in people’s homes where they have tried to maintain it themselves by putting excessive grease, WD40, or even oil on the rail.  This can do more harm than good and can cause problems, so there is no need to do this job yourself, simply leave it for us to check on the annual service.  Your product should only be maintained by a qualified engineer who has been trained to do this job professionally.


How to do a weekly clean

Wherever possible, if you can have your product cleaned once a week it does make a difference.  We understand that perhaps our users may not be able to undertake this task so if you have a cleaner or home help that comes to see you, perhaps they could do this for you.  We thought that it would be better to show you how it is done so you can see this in our video for yourself.  So here is how it’s done!

Here is our Video Transcript:

In this video I want to show you why you should clean a lift and how you should clean it.

So first of all, why should you clean your stairlift?

Well down on the rail, this particular rail, you can see some black marks and that is compacted dust. So you might think the rail doesn’t look so good “It’s got black marks on the rail and my rail is a lovely light cream colour, what am I going to do?” That is just dust and that will come out.

So regular cleaning is quite important.

We want to clean the rail itself but not the rack that’s the bottom metal piece here or on the “teeth” that the drive cogs go up.

The other reason you should clean it is because this is compacted dirt and if you’ve got pets or even human hair as well, all of that can go on your rail and go into the carriage and clog up the inside of your carriage too.  The rollers inside get all the compacted dust and the hairs and drags it all the way up your nice and cream rail.

I am going to show you how to clean it.  I am going to use something called Ambercleanse, but you could use a damp cloth, but I’m going to use this anti-static foaming cleaner.

We’re going to do the whole lift, but going to start on the rail.  I’ve just got a rag that we’ve got lying around.  So we’re going to start by spraying it with the static foaming cleaner.  I’m going to lightly spray the rail and then we’re just going to wipe it clean, and then the black marks disappear.

You can see we have had some black marks come off in there.  I’m going to do the rest of this rail in a second and do a close up of a before and after.

You can also clean around your product too.  We can do the chair, spray the cleaner on then just wipe.  You can also use as I said, a damp cloth or something like that.  That takes it round there.

You will notice I knocked the joystick control but it won’t move off if it hasn’t got that constant pressure on it.

I am just going to give this a wipe over, being careful with the footrest because you don’t want to create a slippery surface on there too, so just be careful with that.  Being gentle with the footrest as we go round it.

And then we can do the carriage part as well and around the back and side.

I’m going to show you a close up of the rail and you can see which bit I’ve done and see which bit I haven’t, and you’ll see what a big difference it makes.

Here is a close up of the results.

You can see on this section of the rail, I have actually wiped it clean and you can the difference in this bottom part of the rail which I haven’t done yet.

I’m just going to do that quickly and spam that up a little bit!

Just going to spray on it, but we’re not going to touch the rack underneath. And then normally I would move the lift further up the rail,  so that I can clean the bottom part there.  That does make a difference to the rail section. Yuck (shows the dirt on the white cloth)!

That is how dirty they can get and that one was cleaned not so long ago.  It’s definitely worthwhile making sure that you have your product cleaned regularly.

Straight rails are very similar to the curved ones for cleaning.  We just do our little light spray down and we can do that.  Notice that I’m being careful not to go on the teeth, which are inside here, we’re not going to go on the teeth. Wipe it down.

Up here, you’ll see we have the charge point here, sometimes if these charge strips get too dusty, they might not pick up as the charge contact to charge up the lift. So we’re just going to give them a little spruce over, just to make sure they are fine, they’re wiped clean and they’re picking up the charge point (thus preventing it from not charging).

So, a little wipe over once a week is absolutely perfect, if you can manage it.  Or you could get a cleaner in to come in and do it or if you have at home help who comes into help you with any cleaning .

Just a light wipe over every week would be fantastic!  Then that prolongs the lifespan and also stops anything getting clogged up inside.

Thank you for watching our video!


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