A Guide to Stairlift Costs

man on stairs imageWhen most new customers call our office for help and advice, the most popular question we get asked is how much does the average stairlift cost?

Stairlift prices can only be determined on a Home Assessment Visit.  Stairlift costs can vary considerably but just to give you a general example new straight stairlifts can cost from £1,650 and new curved stairlifts from £4000.

How we work out exactly how much one will cost will be determined by calculating:

  1. the base stairlift prices for that particular model
  2. the options you will need on it to make it work best for you such as a swivel seat
  3. what rail travel is needed – if you have a long staircase, multiple bends or multiple floor levels
  4. what other work is needed to fit it, such as installing a powerpoint to feed power to the lift
  5. what kind of warranty and servicing package you would like

How do Stairlift Cost Options vary?

  • looking down spiral stairs at stairliftMany stairlift companies sell a single manufacturers products, however we offer different models from a number of manufacturers which will best suit the users needs and fit their stairs better.  Manufacturing costs of these products differ and we therefore sell the models at different prices.  So it’s like having budget versions, mid-ranges and then Premier versions.
  • Stairlift prices are higher if you need to upgrade the options.  For example most come with a manual swivel seat as standard.  If you upgrade to a powered swivel seat it’s an additional cost.  We’d only recommend the powered version if we thought you would need it to be able to use it easier such as being disabled or have a serious health condition.  There’s a whole other host of options too which you can explore further by clicking hereThese options can run into hundreds of pounds each, so costs can vary and each models price is different.
  • Curved Stairlifts are way more complicated to price up because of the vast differences in the curved staircase itself.  It depends on how many metres of rail you’d need, how many bends and if they are a 90 or 180 degree bend or even a special “non standard” bends for unusual twists and turns.  Will the lift travel on the inside radius or outside radius of the stairs.  Will you need parking bends or overruns to park it away from the stairs, further into the hallway or around the corner onto the landing.  The curved stairlifts that we offer are all made by the factory bespoke to your stairs, which is why curved ones are much more expensive than straight stairlifts.

Primary Works Costs

For clarity, primary works or preparation work are other things that need to be done to your home in preparation for the lift to be installed, but all contribute to stairlift prices  This could be:

  • Electrical works – you need an available power point used solely for the stair lift and it needs to be next to the stairs.  You might have one nearby already or we might need to organise fitting one.  Very occasionally we come across unsafe electrics or electrics that don’t comply with the current electrical safety standards.  These may need to be fixed and brought up to current specification which would be an additional cost.
  • Plumbing works – sometimes radiators are installed at the bottom or top of the stairs, right in the way of where it needs to park.  We can organise for the radiator to be removed and install a smaller, similar output version in its place.
  • Building/Carpentry works – very occasionally we undertake staircase alterations to enable fitting where it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Survey and Installation Costs

  • installation and testing a stairliftWill the installation require one or two engineers to fit?  Simple straight installations are usually completed by one engineer, curved installations are more often done with two engineers.
  • How long will it take?

  • Some units can be installed quicker than others, some stairs are more complicated than others.  A curved lift that goes up one flight of stairs with a 90 degree turn, will be quicker to fit than a lift that goes up four flights with five 180 degree bends!  Timings can therefore vary between 4 – 8 hours.
  • Workshop preparation and checking is included in our price undertaken by our dedicated Workshop Engineer.  He quality checks and prepares the lift for installation for all new, reconditioned and rental lifts.
  • Curved rails are made bespoke to your stairs so we do a ‘Photosurvey’ of your stairs first.  Our surveyor will lay targets on your stairs and take photos.  By uploading these photos to their laptop, the software will draw up your bespoke rail.  The electronic file is emailed to the manufacturers where their Drawing Technicians complete the process and send us a manufacturers drawing of your lift.  We’ll then check it over to make sure it fits properly including any adjustments we can make to get the best possible rail fit for your staircase.
  • We have a dedicated Installations Coordinator who will oversee your project from start to finish, coordinating all works and products that need to be organised for the installation.

Warranty and Aftercare Service Costs

  • engineer servicing a stair lift battery packYour lift will come with a standard warranty so there are no additional service contracts.  For new lifts we offer 2 years parts and labour including 1 service, for Reconditioned models 1 year replacement parts and labour, Rental warranty is for the lifetime of your installation including an annual service each year.  Stair lifts are a mechanical piece of equipment and, although very reliable, may need a repair if it is not working properly.  And this might not happen between Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm when our office is open (excluding bank holidays).  That’s why our maintenance contracts offer an Emergency Repair Service outside of these hours included in the price – we are effectively never closed for business as our services operate 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • You may want to purchase a Service and Maintenance Agreement to extend your initial warranty at an additional cost. We even maintain stairlifts installed by other stairlift companies.

Guideline Stairlift Prices

To give you an idea of possible starting prices of a basic model fully installed in your home with a standard warranty:

Straight Stairlifts Rent from £350 (+£50 per month), Reconditioned from £950+ and new From £1,650+.

Curved Stairlifts cost more because of the bespoke manufactured rail design made specifically for your staircase.  Including a new rail, Rentals from £1,500+ (+£75 per month), reconditioned from £2,800+ and new from £4,000+.


How much does a Domestic Lift or Vertical Lift cost?

Lift + Primary works + Survey and Installation + Warranty = Total Cost

Applying the same principles as the stairlift prices, Vertical lifts and Domestic Lifts can vary depending on:

  • domestic lift on ground and first floorThe model you choose including which platform/car size you need.
  • What options you need on the lift; in car phone, full height or half height door, glazed panels or standard panels.  Fold down seat or no seat, non-standard lift colour, height you need to travel etc.
  • Primary Works and Building Costs

  • Primary works costs vary and building costs are dependent upon the individual home adaptations required.  For example a Domestic Lift or Through The Floor lift will need a hole cutting in the ceiling for the lift to travel through.  This will involve building notices and building regulations approval.  Joists around the hole are strengthened to support the weight of the lift.  Where the hole is cut out there may be existing electrics or pipe work that needs to be re-routed which could not have been foreseen until the floor is opened up. But don’t worry this is not a big deal for us, it just may result in additional cost which could not be included in the original installation fee.
  • How Long Will it Take?

  • It can take a few days to cut the hole in the ceiling and prepare the site for the installation and usually a day or two for actual lift installation.
  • There are usually more elements to project manage during this work which takes extra time for our Installation’s Coordinator.
  • Warranty, Servicing & Maintenance

  • Your lift should be serviced twice a year and would come as standard with a 1 year warranty including these two services.  You can upgrade an extend your service and maintenance package if you wish.

Vertical lifts are therefore more expensive than a stairlift because of the work involved and it being a more complex lengthy job.

Vertical, Through Floor and Domestic Lifts including basic building works can range from new £11,000+ and reconditioned from £7,000+.  Steplifts are slightly less expensive and can range from around £5,000 new.

Do I pay VAT?

If you have a permanent disability you probably won’t pay VAT on top of the cost. You can find out more about VAT exemption from the UK government HMRC website (click here) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/reliefs-from-vat-for-disabled-and-older-people-notice-7017 or call us and we can advise you if you would qualify.

Can I get a stairlift for free?

You might be wondering if you can get help with stairlift costs or even how to get one for free.  There may be financial help available through a Disabled Facilities Grant or charitable funding.  We work with customers who fund their purchase privately and we are also an Approved Contractor with Local Authorities who grant fund lifts.

A Disabled Facilities Grant can be used to fund disabled adaptations to your home, whether you are a home owner or you rent your property.  This can cover adaptations such as level access bathrooms, ramps, building works and of course lifts.  To apply you need to contact your local authority who can advise you on the way forward.  As part of the grant there is a financial means test and you will need to provide proof of your financial situation to determine whether you will qualify.  Should you move house within 5 years of receiving the grant you may be required to pay the grant back to the council.

As part of the grant application, you will also require an Occupational Therapist assessment to determine your exact needs and they will recommend the best solutions to meet with your requirements.

We’d advise you to enquire about how long the process is likely to take with your Local Authority.  There may be a shortage of funding and usually a waiting list where people will be ordered by priority.  There is a 6 month window in which to determine if grant funding is available, but check locally for a more up to date timescale.  Sometimes people decide to fund their stair lift privately if they can’t wait for a grant to be approved and their need is urgent.


So now you can see how transparent we are being about giving an exact price on our website or when you phone us to ask what is the price of a stairlift or domestic lift?  There really is an infinite list of variables and usually no two jobs are priced the same.  This is why we offer a free of charge home visit which is absolutely necessary to give you the answer and provide you with an accurate quotation.

For further information advice or a free home visit call us on 08000 19 22 10

You can also book a test drive in our Showroom or contact us to book an appointment.

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