Wessex VM Through Floor Lift

When a stairlift is not suitable or won’t meet your needs, a Through Floor Lift is the ideal solution to move between floors with ease. We supply Wessex VM series lifts in a range of platform sizes and weight capacities to suit your wheelchair size.

VM Homelift with optional folding seat

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Wessex VM Through Floor Lift Key Features

Wessex VM Through Floor Lift – Key features:

  • The Wessex VM Through Floor Lift is an attractive through-the-floor lift with a neutral white grey sleek finish and glass panels.
  • The Through Floor Lift is available in a choice of models dependent on sizes to suit your specific needs.
  • There is a fixed internal ramp for easy access into the lift car.
  • Doors and internal controls may be fitted to the right or left side of the lift to help access.
  • Push button internal controls at hand height.
  • The Through Floor Lift has an audible alarm with battery back-up fitted as standard for use in an emergency.
  • The Through Floor Lift is fitted with safety edges, which if touched or obstructed will automatically stop the lift.  There are also sensors in the floating platform located under the lift to stop the lift if obstructed.
  • Timer controlled lights to illuminate the car, which activate automatically when the lift is operated and switch off after a pre-set time.
  • Lift can be operated from call stations located on both levels .
  • A key control system is also available as an optional extra to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Integral fire seal when parked on either floor.
  • Emergency back-up systems in the event of a power failure which operate the door, light and alarm, as well as lowering the lift to the ground floor.
  • Building works are required to strengthen joists on the first floor and cut an aperture for the lift to travel through to the first floor level.
  • The lift is designed for one person (seated) and their wheelchair (or one person seated on optional fold down seat).

VM Lift Script (Vertical Through The Floor Lift)

If you have problems using the stairs but a stairlift isn’t suitable then we offer a range of Vertical Home Lifts or Through The Floor Lifts as they are also known. So which Home Lift model would be best for you? Let us show you all the features the VM Home lift range has to offer.

Why Choose the VM Home lift?

The VM is super reliable and has many different platform size options to accommodate your needs.  They are designed to take one person in their wheelchair or one person seated on a fold down seat and for safety reasons this is a seated model only.  If you need a model where you can stand up or have 2 people in the lift there are alternative models available in the popular VE or Elesse range.

The VM holds up to 250kgs, that’s just over 39 stone.  It can accommodate either self-propelled or powered wheelchairs and their user to the combined weight limit.  Where stairlifts would not be suitable for bariatric clients the Home Lift ranges are ideal.

Normally VMs travel from a living space downstairs and up to a bedroom.  You can walk under the lift if it is in the upstairs position and similarly you can walk on the top of the lift when it’s downstairs.

To go through the floor, you will require building works to be done in your home and we co-ordinate and project manage all this for you in the price.  A hole will be cut into your ceiling and the floor above, and joists will be reinforced to support the lift and structure.  We clean up as we go so there won’t be any clearing up for you to do and everything will be left neat and tidy.  The lift is powered with a dedicated power supply.

The guide rails attach to the ground floor, mid-floor, and upper ceiling, and the lift car is fitted to the rails.  The hydraulic pump box can be fitted inside or outside your home.  There is no need for a lift pit as the car has ramped access.

Controls are situated in the car and on the wall on both floors.  There is an up, down, alarm, emergency stop, and powered door opener button.  The door opening can be manual where you open and close yourself or power at the touch of a button for total convenience.

To operate open the door from the wall control, get into the car, close the door and press the up button once.  The lift will gently glide you to the next floor.  When you reach your destination just open the door and exit.

So are Home Lifts safe?  They are built with the highest safety requirements.  On the top and bottom of the lift, there are sensor plates that eliminate any crushing hazard.  There are also pressure safety edges on the top of the door and car that work in the same way.  There is an emergency stop button inside the lift and on the wall controls too.

When not in use, the lift can be parked upstairs or downstairs and there is an integrated fire seal protection on the top and bottom of the lift.  Further protection is provided by integrated smoke and heat protectors to current safety standards.

There is an emergency battery backup in case of a power failure that provides in-car lighting, power door, and emergency lowering if not already on the ground floor so you will always be able to go downstairs.

There is an option to fit an in-car telephone too.

To ensure your complete safety you should have a service and safety check every 6 months.  We offer servicing and maintenance as part of our aftercare service to you.

So in summary, the VM range is incredibly reliable, our go-to solution for wheelchair users and bariatric clients, and those where a stairlift will simply not fit.  All models are made to order and wait time is typically around 8 weeks depending on building works. Once on site, it takes around 3-4 days to complete the installation.

So how do I buy the VM Home Lift and how much does it cost?

We offer a free no-obilgation quotation and to get an exact price we need to do a Survey and Assessment with you to check that this model will best suit you and the platform size you need.  Making sure you get the right model is critical to your comfort and safety and that’s why a thorough assessment is done to get it perfect for you.

You can also try out this model in our showroom in Calne in Wiltshire so what are you waiting for.  To organise an Assessment or to book a showroom visit pick up the phone and call us today on 0800 019 22 10.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Wessex VM Through Floor Lift Stairlift Technical Info

  • Internal width 590 – 900mm
  • Internal length – manual door 790 – 1400mm
  • Internal length – powered door 1150 – 1370mm
  • Total external length with door to open wall 655 – 2570mm
  • Total external width including floating platform 722 – 1032mm
  • Total external length including floating platform to wall 1090 – 1695mm
  • Minimum shaft width 846 – 1156mm
  • Minimum shaft length 1120 – 1725mm
  • Minimum first floor ceiling height 2040 – 2055mm
  • Mid-floor dimensions 165 – 300mm
  • Safe working load 39.3 stone/250kg
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