Stiltz Trio Home Lift

The Stiltz Trio Home Lift has all the same great features as the Duo, giving users fast and luxurious travel up and down stairs. The Trio’s larger footprint and capacity carries up to three passengers and comfortably accommodates a standard wheelchair.

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Stiltz Trio Home Lift Key Features

Stiltz Trio Home Lift – Key Features:

  • The Stiltz Trio Home Lift has a unique dual rail structure does not require load bearing walls, allowing the lift to be installed anywhere.
  • Self-contained drive mechanism – no need for external power packs
  • The Stiltz Trio Home Lift has a larger more versatile footprint of 1040mm wide by 1080mm deep and can accommodate up to 3 persons or a wheelchair user.
  • Plugs into normal 13 amp power socket – like all other household appliances
  • Versatile placement and fitting means it can be positioned anywhere in the home.
  • Quieter and faster than any other through-floor lift.
  • Cream exterior and charcoal interior.
  • Non-slip metal flooring makes the lift suitable and safe for everyone.
  • All safety features including full height light curtain, top and bottom safety pans, overweight, speed and out of balance sensors, hold to run control and unique fail arrest mechanism.
  • Unique half height automatic glass saloon doors.
  • The aesthetically pleasing doors reduce the overall footprint of the lift and makes it even easier to fit into your home.
  • Remote control units call the lift from any floor.
  • Standard rear chromed grab rail which gives the user easy access to the lift.
  • Internal LED Down Lights which turn on and off when the user enters and exits the lift

Additional Cost Options:

  • Cordless telephone
  • Perch seat, grab rail
  • Uninterruptible power supply

Stiltz Trio Home Lift Stairlift Technical Info

  • Weight Limit:  34.6stone / 220kg
  • Internal width 706mm
  • Internal length 932mm
  • External width 805mm
  • External length 1070mm
  • Maximum travel 4m / 2 Levels
  • Minimum first floor ceiling height 2370mm
  • Power supply 220 – 240v AC / 10 Amps
  • Travel speed 15cm/sec
  • Drive: roped drum with braked gear motor drive
Stiltz Trio Homelift

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