The Stiltz Homelift gives you the freedom to travel upstairs in comfort and style. With a unique dual-rail design, the Stiltz Homelift can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Stiltz Duo Plus

  • Luxurious lift for your home that can accommodate 1 or 2 people within the lift
  • Small footprint that fits neatly and unobtrusively into your home
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A superior version of the Stiltz Duo, the Duo Plus adds a more stylish feel and look to your home.

  • The Stiltz Duo Plus Home Lift can be positioned almost anywhere in your home due to the lift rails – the self supporting stilts – being able to be fitted even in free standing positions, so no loadbearing walls are required. The lift can be tucked into the corner of a room, in a stairwell or even hidden away in a cupboard.
  • The lift mechanism and motor are self contained on the lift, concealed in the lift car roof space. So there’s no noisy motor, no rope wires and no lift control room taking up valuable space in your home.
  • The unit is self contained so no lift shaft or housing is needed
  • Nothing special is required for power as the lift plugs into your normal domestic socket (or we can arrange one to be fitted for you). If there’s a power cut, there is a battery backup that will lower you to the ground floor until power is restored
  • To operate the lift you can use the lift control panel inside the lift or the remote controls outside the lift.
  • The stylish half height door has a “light Curtain” around as a sensitive edge so if in travel it detects an obstacle it will gently bring the lift to a stop. A full height door is available as an optional extra.
  • Sensors on the top and bottom of the lift will detect any obstructions and stop the lift automatically.

Stiltz Duo Plus Homelift – Technical Specification:

Internal width: 790mm

Internal length: 720mm

Platform footprint width: 1040mm

Platform footprint length: 760mm

Safe working load: 27 stone (170kg)/ 2 people

Total Travel Limit: 4m