Stiltz Duo Home Lift

The Stiltz Duo Home Lift gives you the freedom to travel upstairs in comfort and style. With a unique dual-rail design, the Stiltz Homelift can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

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Stiltz Duo Home Lift Key Features

Stiltz Duo Home Lift – Key Features

  • The Stiltz Duo Home Llift is a stylish alternative to having a stairlift installed.  The Stiltz Duo can accommodate one or two people standing in the lift to take you between floors.
  • TIt does not need load bearing walls, meaning the lift can be placed almost anywhere you want.
  • The Stiltz is also available in a choice of finishes and particularly popular is the vista “glass effect” styling.
  • The drive mechanism is self contained in the home lift so there is no external power pack
  • The lift has a very small footprint of just 0.62m2 surface area
  • The Stiltz Duo plugs into standard 13A socket like any other household appliance
  • It is quieter than a traditional through floor lift.
  • Two remote controls to call the lift from any floor.
  • Standard safety features include full height light curtain, top and bottom safety pans, overweight, over-speed and out-of-balance sensors which stop the lift immediately
  • The interior seat give users the option to sit down or place goods during travel. An optional grab rail also assists moving when getting on or off the lift.
  • Through car feature available to allow you to enter and exit the lift from two different sides.
  • There is also the Stiltz Trio Home Lift version that can take 3 people and can even take a standard wheelchair

Stiltz Duo Home Lift Stairlift Technical Info

  • Internal width: 620mm
  • Internal length: 620mm
  • Platform footprint width: 1040mm
  • Platform footprint length: 740mm
  • Max number of people: 2 (3 in Trio)
  • Max number of stops: 5
  • Safe working load: 27 stone (170kg)
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