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With total flexibility, our rental options are an excellent choice if you have a temporary need or if you’d rather pay an affordable monthly amount rather than pay to own outright. We tailor-make a rail so it fits your curve stairs exactly, no matter how many bends or steps you have or how narrow your stairs are

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Rental Curved Stairlift Stairlift Key Features

We are often asked “can I rent a curved stairlift” and the answer is, yes you can at 1st Choice Stairlifts.

We hire out rental straight stairlifts and curved ones too.  If you are looking for a straight model please see our dedicated page here [link to another page].

Our rental models are a great option for many situations such as:

  • A relative coming to stay to be cared for in your home or staying for a holiday period.
  • To aid a hospital discharge and allow someone to come home from hospital to live safely and independently in their own home.
  • For short-term situations if you have a temporary mobility problem or if someone is terminally ill.
  • If you don’t want to pay outright or own a stairlift, and prefer to pay a lower cost upfront and pay to rent monthly with maintenance included.

So how much does it cost to rent a curved stairlift?

  • There is an initial fee and then an ongoing monthly amount.  The initial fee covers the installation, cost of the tailor-made rail, the first month’s rental, and removal when the lift is no longer required.  Prices are from £1800 although this price can vary significantly depending on the model required and the rail configuration needed including the length of the track, numbers of bends, etc.
  • You pay monthly thereafter for as long as you would like to keep it.  There is no specific length of contract and no long-term commitment.  The monthly rental amount is set up on a standing order with your bank and is currently £75 per month
  • In your monthly rental fee, we include any necessary maintenance, repairs, or parts (subject to our standard warranty conditions*).  We also include an annual service each year.  Out-of-hours callouts are also included for 24/7, 365 days a year cover.
  • The product remains our property throughout the contract and you won’t own the product unless you purchase it from us.
  • When it’s no longer needed, we will remove it and the agreement will terminate.

Is it better to rent or buy a stairlift?

This is down to personal choice, your situation, and your budget.  So what are the benefits of renting rather than buying, so you can make an informed choice?:

  • Renting a model has a significantly less initial outlay than buying one outright. This might be better for your budget and be more affordable, or if you want to simply keep your savings in the bank.
  • Renting is a good lower cost/lower risk option if you are unsure of having a stairlift and want to trial it. It is often a good way of convincing someone to have a “temporary solution” that gains more acceptance of having a lift fitted.
  • The initial fee includes the removal of the product when no longer needed so there are no charges or hassle to have it removed, you would simply call us to book an appointment.
  • All the maintenance (subject to our standard warranty conditions)* and servicing is included in the monthly payment, so there won’t be any unexpected costs to pay* or extended warranties or servicing to take out. That way you will know where you are with your budget.
  • There is no tie in and you can have it for as little or as long as you like and the first month’s rental is included in the initial cost.
  • Rentals represent great value for money but if you rent for a long period, the cost of the rental may be more than the cost of buying outright and paying for the ongoing maintenance. We do however offer a “Rent to Buy” option so if at any point you do decide you’d like to buy it we can give you a cost to purchase.

How can I hire a stairlift?

Our rental models come from our reconditioned stock and are mostly the same models you will see on our website.  They are normally only a few years old and are of excellent quality.  Customers often comment to us that it looks as good as new when it is installed and that’s because we make sure that every model we sell is in tip-top condition.

Our dedicated workshop engineer checks over every product and reconditions, safety checks, and tests every model, before it is given our quality seal of approval.  They are then cleaned, sanitised, and wrapped ready for installation.

With curve products the rails are made-to-measure so we must order in a tailor-made rail to fit your stairs, to go with the chair and carriage in stock.  With all curve products, there is a wait time from order to installation of around 2-4 weeks due to manufacturing, however, we understand that having a rental installed is often urgent and we will do our very best to install it for you as soon as we possibly can.

To get an accurate cost of renting a model from us we will visit your home to measure up and assess what model would be best for your stairs.  We will check what we have in stock and calculate the cost of the rail and rental model.  We will do you a quotation on the spot and give you an idea of installation wait times dependent on manufacturers.

When you order we will do a “photosurvey” which is used to send to the manufacturer to draw up and make the rail to suit your stairs exactly.  Once we receive the rail, we will contact you to book your installation.

Book Now to have our surveyor assess your stairs for a rental stairlift {book now button} or call us on 01249 814528.

If you prefer to buy a model we offer new and reconditioned models for sale with the same fast turnaround for installation for products we have in stock.

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*includes manufacturing defects and excludes misuse, abuse, user error, and batteries.

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