The 950+ Straight Stairlift is a slimline stairlift which is an upgrade on the basic 950 model. The 950+ Straight Stairlift runs on the 950 track but comes with an upgraded seat and a host of additional options.

950 Stairlift

950+ Stairlift Key Features

  • 950+ Straight Stairlifts are one of the quietest, slimmest and smoothest stairlifts on the market.
  • The 950+ has folding armrests, footrest and chair base, leaving space free for other stair users to pass.  An optional Powered Footrest Linkage is available to fold the footrest at the touch of a button.
  • As standard the 950+ Straight Stairlift has a Manual swivel seat with manual swivel levers on both sides of the chair, so you can turn the seat at the top of the stairs and safely alight.  There is an optional Powered Swivel seat available.
  • There’s Adjustable seat height (set by our engineer), enabling you to sit comfortably on your stairlift.
  • The seat upholstery is made from a wipe clean fabric and is available in a choice of six colours: cocoa, ruby, sand, sapphire, slate, jade.
  • An easy-to-use robust paddle type joystick control on the end of chair arm, leaving armrests clear to support you getting in and out of the stairlift.
  • It’s battery operated, so the stairlift works even in the event of a power cut.  The charge is continuous on rail, so the stairlift charges the batteries wherever it’s parked.
  • An on-board Diagnostic display showing the stairlift’s status, so any problem can easily be resolved.
  • Remote controls at top and bottom of stairs to bring the stairlift to you whenever you need it.
  • There are safety edges around footplate and carriage, so the stairlift automatically stops if it meets an obstruction on the stairs.
  • There’s a specially designed Unique retractable safety belt to secure you in the seat when in travel.

950+ Stairlift Technical Info

Weight Limit:  22 stone / 140kg

Overall Dimensions:  Width of Stairlift when folded up 370mm and when unfolded 570mm; Track protrusion into the staircase 185mm

Chair Dimensions:  Seat heights (from footplate to top of seat) 430mm – 540mm; Height from floor to top of footrest 70mm; Width of Seat between armrests 460mm; Depth of seat 360mm

Staircase Dimensions:  Fits staircases 655mm wide and over; Space at bottom of stairs to park from 575mm to 690mm dependent on stair angle

Stairlift Seat Swivel Position 950

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