The HomeGlide stairlift for straight stairs is a basic model, so if your needs are quite straight forward and you don’t need powered options then this is a great choice.  It can be installed in just a few hours and is a good, reliable product that we usually have on the shelf in our warehouse ready to be installed quickly.

The HomeGlide and HomeGlide Extra both work on the same rail design, the carriages are similar and the seats are a different design.

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HomeGlide Stairlift Key Features

HomeGlide – Summary Key Features:

  • It is stylish and slimline in design with a folding footrest, chair base and armrests, leaving space free for other stair users to pass on the stairs.
  • There are Charge Points at the top and bottom of the track to park and charge your lift.
  • Manual Swivel Seat with swivel levers on both sides of the chair, so you can turn the seat at the top of the stairs and safely get off on your landing.
  • HomeGlide’s easy-to-use joystick or rocker switch control is on the end of chair arm, leaving armrests clear to support you getting in and out of the chair.
  • Remote controls are provided to bring it to you if you want to call the lift to you or send it to someone else to use.
  • Wipe clean upholstery in neutral beige colour.
  • Option to have a powered hinge rail, so if you have an open landing or doorway right at the bottom of the stairs that can’t be obstructed, the bottom piece of track folds up out of the way and the lift parks further up the rail leaving your hallway or doorway free to use.
  • Battery operated, so it works even in the event of a power cut.
  • Safety edges around footplate and carriage, so it will automatically stop if it meets an obstruction on the stairs.
  • Also comes with a clip safety belt to secure you in the seat when in travel.

What does the HomeGlide look and feel like?

The HomeGlide has quite a modern looking seat on it and the carriage is slimline in design.  It comes in beige upholstery only and there is not a choice in colours.  The seat itself is padded and comes in wipe clean upholstery.

As with the HomeGlide Extra, both models have the same user friendly controls and the lift is very easy to operate.

How does the HomeGlide work?

The HomeGlide operates via a joystick control which is situated at the end of the chair arm.  To go up or down the stairs simply apply a constant pressure to the joystick and point it in the direction that you want to travel in.  When you get to the bottom or top of the track, the lift will automatically stop.

This standard model comes with a manual swivel chair.  In order to get off the lift safely at the top of the stairs, simply press the lever at the side of the chair and walk your feet around to turn the chair, like you would if you were turning an office chair around.  If you don’t think you will be able to do this manual action, you may need a powered swivel chair which is not available on this model but is available on the HomeGlide Extra model.

This model comes with remote control call/sends so you can park the lift at the bottom or top of the stairs.  If you have two people in the house both needing to use the lift, you could use these remotes to send the lift to the other person.

The lift needs to be parked on a charge point to stop the batteries running flat.  However, if you have a powered hinge track at the bottom of the rail then you would need to park your lift on the nearest park point as the folding rail will not have a charge point (as it is normally folded up).

How does the HomeGlide fit in my home?

The lift comes in 3 main parts – the rail, carriage and chair.  The only part of the lift that is attached to your home is the rail.  The rail is fixed to your steps by attaching the rail leg brackets and screwing them through your carpet and into your steps, just like all lifts are.  Should the lift ever need to be removed in the future, these screw holes are quite small and usually can be disguised in the carpet pile.

The carriage is then loaded onto the rail and then the chair is fitted to the carriage.

Further technical information is included at the bottom of this page for reference on its approximate dimensions.

How long does it take to fit?

The HomeGlide fitting can be very quick.  As we have already mentioned, we usually have a stock of these models available for same-day or next-day fitting depending upon our engineering teams work schedule.  Normally though we can install this model from order to installation in a matter of days and on the Home Assessment Visit we could give you an idea of installation dates available.

To install this model in your home, it would take one engineer about 3-4 hours to install it to our high standards of workmanship and to have enough time to give you a proper demonstration handover to make sure you can use it okay and you are comfortable with it’s operation before he leaves.

What do I need to do to get it fitted?

The first step is to have a free Home Assessment Visit where one of our surveyors will visit you in your home to assess your needs and your stairs.  He can then see which lift will be best for your particular needs and stairs and give you a price there and then.

We’ll need to have a powerpoint nearby to provide continuous power to the lift.  If you don’t have one nearby that we can use then we can organise for one to be fitted and look after the job from start to finish.  The power will keep the batteries in your lift charged up so it is ready to use all the time.

How do I maintain it?

If you purchase this product from us, it will come with a 2-year warranty which includes one annual service*, with the option to extend the warranty/servicing for up to 5 years from the date of installation.  You should have an annual service each year to make sure your product is working at it’s best, is all safety checked and kept clean and lubricated.  A quick wipe over of the seat, carriage and rail with a damp cloth each week will prevent any dust or animal hair build up inside the carriage.

How much does it cost?

Prices can vary depending on your installation requirements, check out this article about stairlift pricing for more information

*for private customers excludes local authority customers who are subject to their own warranty requirements.

Which straight stairlift is the best, if you just need a basic model to get you up and downstairs? Well, the HomeGlide may be perfect for you. It’s well made with high-quality engineering, it’s reliable and very easy to use. We also have a stock of them ready to be installed in just a few hours. So what’s great about this stairlift – let us show you.

Why Choose the HomeGlide?

The HomeGlide the basic sister model to the HomeGlide Extra. Whilst the Extra model comes with a host of upgraded features, the HomeGlide is more simplistic.
When not in use the chair and footrest fold up or you can leave it all unfolded and ready to go.

To use simply sit in the seat, fasten the seatbelt and press the arm control in the direction of travel with constant pressure. You have a choice of joystick or rocker arm control as standard. When the lift reaches the end of the rail it will stop automatically.

The chair swivels around at the top and this is operated by a manual lever at the side of the chair and you swivel the chair like you would an office chair. The footrest stays level with the top step. When the chair is swivelled this acts as a barrier to the open stairs.

To come back down the stairs, swivel the chair back around and press the arm control in the down direction.
The chair upholstery comes in a wipe-clean vinyl in a neutral Sisal cream colour.
The remote Call/Send controls are used if two people in the house need to use the lift or if you wanted to send the lift to another park position when not in use.

All stairlifts are battery-powered, so work in a power cut, and are charged by parking the chair on a charge station. Power is needed nearby to run the charger unit from the power socket to the rail charging system. If you are wondering why is the stairlift bleeping, that’s the audible alarm telling you that either the lift is not on its charge station or the power is off.

If you have a doorway or open hallway right at the bottom of the stairs where the rail would impede access, an automatic folding hinged rail is used. To avoid a tripping hazard, the bottom section of the rail folds up when not in use.

We are sometimes asked are stairlifts safe? Of course they are. The HomeGlide has a seatbelt to use in travel. There are safety edges around the footplate and carriage so if you meet an obstruction on the stairs it will stop automatically to prevent trapping hazards. The controls are constant pressure so you can stop the lift any time by releasing the controls.

Safety standards recommend your model be serviced and safety checked once a year and we offer this as part of our aftercare service to you.

All models have a safe weight limit and this model will hold a person up to between 125kgs and 146kgs that’s around 19.5 to 23 stone, dependent on your stair angle.
So in summary, the HomeGlide is a great high quality yet entry-level model that can be fitted from stock in only a few hours.
So how do you buy and how much does it cost?

We make sure you get the right model that is comfortable and safe to use. As stairlift experts, we undertake a “Stairlift Assessment” where we look at your stair measurements, your dimensions, and your mobility needs and match this with the most suitable model for you and your stairs. We will also check if you have a PowerPoint nearby.
On this assessment, which usually takes about an hour, we provide you with a no-obligation quotation and answer all your questions. This is a free service we offer, there is no high-pressure selling involved and you will be in the safest of hands with our experts.

You can also visit our showroom in Calne in Wiltshire to try out our models too and see our range.
Having a stairlift fitted can be life changing, so make that call to us today and book your Stairlift Assessment or Showroom Visit on 0800 019 22 10.

HomeGlide Stairlift Technical Info

  • Weight Limit: 19.6 stone / 125kg to 22.9 stone/146kg dependent on staircase angle
  • Overall Dimensions: Width when folded Up 330mm and when unfolded 620mm
  • Chair Dimensions: Seat height (from footplate to top of seat) 450mm; Height from floor to top of footrest 94mm – 118mm; Width of seat between armrests 480mm; Depth of seat 415mm
  • Staircase Dimensions: Fits staircases 740mm wide and over; Space needed at bottom of stairs to park the chair 654mm
Homeglide Power Hinge

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