The HomeGlide Extra for straight staircases is without doubt our most popular straight product.  Why?  Because our customers love it and our engineers love it too.  The HomeGlide Extra is easy to install, simple to use, is very reliable and can be installed in your house in around a couple of hours.  And the best part is, we have brand new stock on the shelves in our warehouse, ready to be installed quickly in your home – what could be easier!  As well as new models we also offer reconditioned and rental models subject to availability.


HomeGlide Extra

Watch our HomeGlide Extra features presentation in this video:

(you can see a video transcript of this below)

What does the HomeGlide Extra look and feel like?

The HomeGlide Extra has a sleek and elegant design.  It has been designed with great engineering, it’s reliable, comfortable and very easy to use.  It also comes in a choice of optional upholstery colours (although all our models in stock are neutral beige which is what we find is the most popular colour, however, we can order you a different colour in specially).

How does it work?

(See transcript at the bottom of this page)

Like all lifts, the HomeGlide Extra works by pressing a joystick or rocker switch control which is located on the end of the chair arm.  You need to keep a light but constant pressure on the control and the product will automatically stop at the top or the bottom of the stairs when it comes to its parking position.  The joystick works in the up and down direction, of course, so you would press the joystick in the direction you wanted to travel – up or down.

Each model has a swivel chair, which means when you get to the top of the stairs the chair will turn onto the landing so you can get off safely.  The standard model has a manual swivel chair which is like an office chair that turns around.  There is a lever at the side of the chair which you press to release the swivel mechanism and manually turn the chair yourself.  There is an optional extra Powered Swivel chair instead of a manual standard version and this works by keeping your finger pressed on the joystick control and the chair will automatically turn at the top of the stairs.

Each model comes with a call/send control which is a remote control that you can use to bring the lift to you.  So if it is parked at the bottom, press the up button on the remote control and it will come upstairs ready for you to use.  This is particularly handy if there is more than one person needing to use it.

It needs to be parked at the top or bottom of the stairs at all times on a charge point to stop the batteries running flat (unless you have a powered hinge at the bottom of the rail, you’d park on the nearest park point just up from the folding rail).

How does it fit in my home?

If you are thinking of the practicalities of fitting one in your home you will be wanting to know what is involved.  The rail is the only thing that is attached to your stairs (not your wall) and you will usually see around 4 brackets or rail legs that will attach it to your stairs.  There will be screw holes that can be screwed directly into your steps through your carpet.  Because the screw holes are so small, generally should the lift need to be removed in the future, the carpet pile would usually hide the holes.

The carriage part of the lift is then loaded onto the rail and the chair is fitted to the top of the carriage.

We have included further technical information at the bottom of this page for reference on its approximate dimensions.

How long does it take to fit?

We have some new models in stock in our warehouse, so fitting can be very quick.  If you need one fitting urgently we may even be able to fit the same-day or next-day depending upon our engineer’s work schedule.  Usually, the installation would be within days and we would agree a convenient day and time with you.

It will take one engineer around 3-4 hours to correctly install this product to a high standard of workmanship and to give you a thorough handover demonstration and test drive making sure you are comfortable with its use before he leaves.

What do I need to do to buy one?

You can call us to organise a free Stairlift Assessment with one of our surveyors and we can chat through the options with you and give you an accurate price according to your needs.

In all cases, we need to have a power supply that feeds power to the lift.  It may be that you have one close by that we can use, but if not we have qualified electricians that we can organise to fit one for you and included it in our job.  This power supply provides a trickle charge to the lift to charge up the large batteries inside the carriage and keeps it powered ready for use.

How do I maintain my product?

From us, this product comes complete with a 2-year warranty and one annual service*, with the option to extend the warranty/servicing for up to 5 years from the date of installation.  An annual service is recommended every year to make sure your product is working at it’s best, is all safety checked and kept clean and lubricated.  A quick wipe over of the seat, carriage and rail with a damp cloth each week will prevent any dust or animal hair build up inside the carriage.

*for private customers excludes local authority customers who have their own warranty requirements.

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HomeGlide Extra – Summary Key features:

  • The standard model has a manual swivel seat and manual footrest linkage which folds the footrest when not in use as you fold the seat up.  You can also fold back the armrests and seat base. (*please note that the seat now comes with straight and not curved armrests)
  • There are charge points at the top and bottom of the rail to park and charge.
  • The HomeGlide Extra has a Manual Swivel seat with swivel lever on both sides of the chair or an optional Powered Swivel seat, so you can turn the seat at the top of the stairs and safely get off.
  • Easy-to-use joystick or rocker switch control on the end of chair arm, leaving armrests clear to support you getting in and out.
  • Remote controls at top and bottom of stairs to bring the it to you whenever you need it.
  • Wipe clean upholstery available in Sisal cream, Maroon brown, grey and red.
  • Battery operated, so your lift works even in the event of a power cut.
  • Safety edges are on the footplate and carriage, so it will automatically stop if it meets an obstruction on the stairs.
  • Clip safety belt to secure you in the seat when in travel.

HomeGlide Extra – Technical Specification:

Weight Limit:  19.6 stone / 125kg or Heavy Duty option 23 stone / 146kg

Overall Dimensions: Width of stair lift when folded up 380mm and when unfolded 632mm

Chair Dimensions:  Seat height (from footplate to top of seat) 472mm; Height from floor to top of footrest 115mm; Width of seat between armrests 467mm; Depth of seat 408mm

Staircase Dimensions:  Fits staircases 740mm wide and over; space needed at bottom of stairs to park the chair 654mm

The HomeGlide Extra is manufactured by Access BDD and is sold through their dealer network

Video Transcript: HomeGlide Extra Key Features Presentation

Hello and welcome to our HomeGlide Extra Straight Stairlift Key Features Presentation.  In this video I’m going to show you why you should choose the HomeGlide Extra, the operational features, what comes as standard and what options are available to you.

My name is Coral Affleck-Major, Joint Managing Director and Owner with my husband Colin here at 1st Choice Stairlifts.  I am going into my 25th year in the industry and what I don’t know about lifts isn’t worth knowing.  So let me guide you through the great features of the HomeGlide Extra.

Why Choose the HomeGlide Extra?

Well it’s our most popular straight model.  Everyone loves it.  Our engineers love it as it is easy to install and very reliable.  We are an ISO9001 registered company which is the international standard for quality management so we monitor the quality of everything in our company and the products we supply are included in this.

We are also Which Trusted Traders so our reputation for being a good company that supplies great products is absolutely key to our success.  Colin who is my husband and fellow director has spent 33 years in stairlifts in engineering and hand picks each product to make sure it is worthy of being included in our portfolio.

We’re so confident in this product that we have a stock of it on our shelves ready to be installed.  All we need to do is to cut the rail to size and install it in your home.  And when it is installed in your house, we are sure you are going to love it.  It’s simple to use, looks good and is comfortable and it will have you whizzing up and down the stairs in no time at all.

So what are the Key Features that you need to know about?

These are the operational parts of the lift you need to familiarise yourself with.  Now don’t worry as when we do the installation for you, we make sure that there is a full and thorough handover demonstration where we will show you exactly how the product works.  We don’t leave your house until we are sure that you can operate it safely and confidently.

We also have another video showing a full demonstration so you can see for yourself and familiarise yourself with the workings.  You are also welcome to visit our showroom if you would like to try it out for yourself.

So all models come with a safety seatbelt that you should wear when you are travelling for your complete safety when in transit.

The remote Call/Send controls are used if there were two people in the house that needed to use the lift or if you wanted to say park it out of the way when you weren’t using the lift.

The joystick control is at the end of the arm and that is what moves the lift up and downstairs, so constant pressure on the joystick to move the lift.

All models are powered by battery so there are 2 batteries inside the carriage/motor part.  You need a power socket nearby so the battery charger can connect to the power and the power is fed through to the charge points on the rail which charge up the lift.  So if there is a power cut, it will still work for as long as the battery is charged up (being careful not to fully discharge the battery).

This model comes with a footrest linkage as standard, so if you wanted to fold the chair up when it wasn’t being used you can fold back the armrests and the seat base and footrest link together so by folding up the seat base the footrest would lift also.

The HomeGlide Extra swivel seat comes in two versions.  There is a Manual Swivel seat which comes as standard and a Powered swivel seat which is an extra cost option, which was on the demonstration video that we showed you.

The manual swivel seat works by a lever, which is on both sides of the chair which you have to press down.  So when you get to the top of the stairs, the lift will automatically stop when it gets to the top.  You would reach down at the side of the chair and press the lever down, then gently swivel your seat around by using your feet to push the chair around – kind of like swivelling an office chair around.  Once it has reached the swivel position the chair will lock into place.  You would need to do the reverse action to swivel back around to lock the seat in place ready to travel downstairs.

So you would need the dexterity in your hands to be able to push the lever and also the mobility in your legs and feet to walk the chair around and swivel it.

The powered swivel is an extra cost option but can be easier to work.

Automatic Powered Hinge Rail

The automatic folding hinge rail is used where there is a doorway or open hallway right at the bottom of the stairs.  So normally you would have a plain straight rail that goes all the way down to the bottom of the stairs.  But if the plain rail is likely to not fit in that area measurements wise if you have a doorway or open hallway, that plain rail would cause an obstruction so you wouldn’t be able to open a doorway or it would be a tripping hazard stuck out at the bottom of the stair.  This is what a powered hinge rail is for so the rail is “hinged” to lift the bottom part of the track up to free up doorways and hallways.

So when you are at the top of the stairs and are travelling down on the stairlift the hinge rail section of the track will automatically lower down (so you don’t have to press another button the lift will do it automatically for you).  When you get to the bottom of the stairs and get off the lift, you will need to send the lift (using the remote call/send controls) to a charge point further up the rail in order to park and charge the lift, probably about 4 or 5 steps up your stairs, so the rail will fold up at the bottom.  That means you’ll be able to get access to the doorway or hallway.  When you need to use the lift again you would get the remote control and press the down button to bring the stairlift down to you and it will fold the rail down and bring the seat down.  When you are travelling up to the top of the stairs the hinge rail will fold up automatically so the hinge rail section will always be folded up when the lift is not in use.


The HomeGlide Extra seat has a vinyl upholstery so it is very easy to just wipe clean.

Sisal which is a cream colour that blends neutrally with any décor.  We find that this colour is the most popular by far.  We do hold stock on our shelves for a quick installation and our stock lifts have this colour.

There is a choice of colours which are grey, Maroon which is the brown colour and Red.

What’s Available?

So we offer 3 options which are:

  1. A new model which comes with a 24 month warranty and a service. We have a stock of these lifts ready to be installed.
  2. A reconditioned model which would come with a 12 month warranty. So a second hand model that has been refurbished by our workshop engineer to a high standard.

You can pay extra to extend these warranties if you wanted to, so if you prefer to have peace of mind and pay for an extended warranty which includes an annual service each year you have that option which is cheaper to do on installation rather than renew every year.  Or you can opt for a pay as you go service so if ever you had a fault

  1. A rental model which would be taken from our reconditioned stock. The initial price includes the installation and removal when the lift is no longer required and then there is a monthly fee payable.  If you have the lift installed for over a year there would be an annual service.

How do you look after your stairlift?

  • We recommend a weekly clean and wipe down of the rail to prevent dust build up and dust getting into the drive cogs and rollers. We have produced a video on this which you will find on our website and youtube channel
  • Annual service and safety check is recommended. So on that service we would check and tighten all the bolts up, check the safety circuits and safety edges work, check the batteries are at the right voltage and still work correctly to name but a few.  There is a 25 point checklist that we go through and it is recommended by safety standards to have a service so you should factor this in each year.
  • Office is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm and we undertake maintenance work during this time for repairs and servicing.
  • If your lift should develop a fault and it is outside of these hours then we do have an emergency repair on call service where you’ll reach our engineer who will help to get your lift up and running again.
  • We prioritise calls where a lift has stopped working completely so if this should happen you would be our first priority. Normally we get to urgent calls within a few hours so you are never left too long without the use of your lift.
  • We have literally thousands of parts in our warehouse and our engineers vans carry a stock of the most used parts so we can normally fix a lift most times on that first visit should your lift need a part
  • If you have a warranty or contract with us most of this would be taken care of. The key thing for you to remember is that we look after our customers.  A lot of people when buying a stairlift just think as far as the installation, but actually it’s the aftercare part that really matters.  You want total peace of mind to know that if ever something should happen all you have to do is pick up the phone and we will be there for you and sort it out as quickly as possible.  We look after all our customers as you will see from our consistent 5* ratings and we promise that we will look after you to an exceptionally high standard.

How do I buy?

  • Call us for a stairlift assessment – we’ll assess exactly what you need on the lift, if there are any primary works needed (like fitting a powerpoint nearby to get power to the lift and we can do all that for you and organise within the job if that is necessary. We need to check if this particular model will fit you and your stairs.  We will then give you a price.  Normally you would be VAT exempt if you have a permanent disabling condition so the price does not include VAT (we would check your VAT exemption status on the assessment)
  • From order to installation it is normally days. We do get calls for urgent cases so we have done same day or next day installations sometimes too dependent on our engineers diary.
  • Installations of this product are done normally in a few hours which includes a thorough handover demonstration where our engineer would talk you through the various features, show you how it works. He will then get you to try the lift and make sure that everything is okay and you can work it correctly.  He will answer your questions and make sure you are totally comfortable with the operation before he leaves.  You will also be given the user manual when the engineer arrives so you can familiarise yourself with the workings and operation of the lift so if you had any questions, please feel free to ask our engineer.  Days after the installation we will normally give you a call to make sure everything is okay and that you are able to work it fine for peace of mind.  We are only a phone call away so if ever you have a question then you are welcome to give us a call – we are here to support you and help you wherever we can.  You can enjoy getting up and down stairs in no time at all thanks to your new “HomeGlide Extra”

What’s next – all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.  Areas we cover are  Wiltshire, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and parts of Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

We’re here to help you and guide you through this process.  Having a stairlift fitted can be life changing and that is why we do the job we do because we love making a difference to people’s quality of life.

So what are you waiting for – give us a call on 0800 019 22 10 or 01249 814528 and experience our outstanding customer service and great products for yourself.  Our expert team are here to offer you friendly advice, no pressure sales whatsoever that is not what we are about.  So just give us a ring and we’re very happy to help you.

Video Transcript: How does the HomeGlide Extra straight stairlift work? – Product Demonstration

Hi there! My name is Coral and I’m from 1st Choice Stairlifts.

Today I’m going to show you the Homeglide Extra which is here.

The Homeglide Extra is for straight stairs.

The straight rail bolts onto the stairs with these leg brackets. I’ll show you a close up in a minute. And we have the chair and the carriage part as well.

We have armrests, so that when its not in use, the armrests and the seat and the footrest all fold back. That way you can get up and down the stairs if someone comes into the house that doesn’t need to use the lift, they can get past it fine.

In order to work it, we have got a safety belt here. This just clips in and then clips out again.

To work it you need to fold down the armrests, and we have the joystick control at the end of the arm here.

To bring the footrest and the seat down (the seat is linked with the footrest).  So, by one touch the footrest will go down with the seat.   It is really light, look. To do that is very easy.

All the lifts come with a call and send control, which is this here.  If there’s a couple of people in the house that need to use the lift.  You can easily get the lift to them. I will just press the button. So if I was downstairs and my other half wanted to get the lift and it was parked at the bottom, after I’ve used it I can send it up to them or they can press the send control at the top of the stairs.

So, this particular model has a powered swivel on it. So, when it gets to the top of the stairs, the chair will automatically turn at the top of the stairs.

And you’ll notice here, down at the bottom that there is a charge strip. This lift is battery operated. It is fed through the main through the battery charger and the lift charges on the charge points at the top and at the bottom of the stairs.

So, we will bring the it down and I will show you how it works.  A great thing about this lift is it is really quiet as well, which is really nice.  It is really comfortable as well. A great, comfortable seat. So, we bring it down to the bottom and I’ll sit on the lift.

Some people prefer to do this to get on it or some people like to go on there like that,whichever you find the most comfortable.

We have the safety belt. Every time you use the lift you should be having your seat belt on. Clunk click, every trip and off we go.

So what we’re going to do is press the joystick in the direction we want to travel. You just give a light little touch to the joystick to take you up to the top of the stairs.  There we go, it’s as easy as that!

Like I said, when we get to the top of the stairs it is automatically going to swivel.  So, what we need to do… Our feet are currently resting on the footrest. I’m just going to lift my feet off a little bit, because the footrest stays on the stairs and it’s just the chair that turns round at the top.

Once it’s turned round at the top, we’re going to take our safety belt off and then use the armrests to push and stand ourselves up.  You will notice that the chair is blocking the stairs, so there is no way you can fall down the stairs, the chair is blocking the fall.

Getting back onto the lift at the top, and we do our seat belt. Then we get the joystick and press it to the direction we want to go, so we want to go in the down direction this time and we keep our finger on it.

If we see somebody coming to run up the stairs or anything like that, you can just take your finger off the button and it will stop automatically.

We are going to go down to the bottom of the stairs.

If the lift is off charge, so you leave it somewhere and it’s not quite on the charge point.  It does need to be on the charge point in order to charge the batteries up.  If you don’t leave it on the charge point. There will be a beeping noise that tells you that the lift is not on a charge point.  You will need to take it down to the charge point, in order for the lift to charge. There is an audible warning on there for you.

So, we come downstairs and really, that’s all there is to it! Its very easy, easy to use, very comfortable.

You may want to leave it all folded down or, if you want to, you can fold it up after each use. It’s entirely up to you.

Here’s a close up.

This is the seat belt and it fastens like this.   Then push in and that releases the seat belt.

The joystick, you put your finger on it and hold it for it to work.  Just a little light touch and the lift will work.

And again, if you’re on the remote controls, it’s press and hold in order for it to work. So, press, hold and the lift will move up or down.

To put the footrest down, this one has a footrest linkage. You just push the seat down and the footrest will fall down with it.

Here is a close up of the rail brackets. You normally have 4 of those rail brackets attaching the rail to the stairs.  As you can see, you have several four screw holes.  There are two at the front and two at the back.

As we get to the top of the stairs, you’ll swivel round at the top.  Notice that I kept my finger on the joystick control to turn it around. The audible noise is to tell you that your swivelling. So, when you get to the top of the stairs you just keep your finger on the joystick, and it will automatically swivel the seat.

Thank you for watching our video!

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“I can’t think of anything that would improve the service you offer, 1st Choice give marvellous service.  It has been a real pleasure dealing with everyone in your company as they have all been helpful and friendly.

Mrs Alsop, Bradford-on-Avon