My Extraordinary Pregnancy made easier with a Stairlift


Beautiful baby Princess Charlotte wasn’t the only person making an appearance on TV this past week.  1st Choice Stairlifts also made it onto the My Extraordinary Pregnancy TV programme aired last week installing a stairlift for Occupational Therapist and mum-to-be Lynn.

Lynn has hip dysplasia and decided to give up taking pain killers to be on the safe side throughout her pregnancy, as there was no guarantee that taking the medication would not affect her baby.

She decided to have a stairlift installed to help her after finding out that she had to have a caesarean birth and also being able to negotiate the stairs was going to become difficult with a baby.

Lynn and husband Liam’s, very beautiful daughter Libby arrived safely and getting up and down stairs is much easier.  There was an anxious six week wait to see if baby Libby had hip dysplasia which can be a genetic condition meaning Libby would be 5 to 10 times more likely to have the condition which is also more common in girls and first borns.  Libby was given the all clear after her six week scan.

1st Choice Stairlifts Engineer Adam Major is shown on the programme installing the stairlift, following in his father’s footsteps, Director Colin Major.  Colin started his career as a stairlift engineer (and still is one at heart) for a well known manufacturer and during his time there he also took part in various TV programmes appearing on Challenge Anneka installing a stairlift on a double decker bus and he also installed the stairlift on Absolutely Fabulous.

Director Colin said “We weren’t aware that Lynn was going to be filmed for the documentary until a few days before fitting her stairlift but we were delighted to play a very small part in her story.  It was very heartwarming to see little baby Libby arrive safely and to be given the all clear.  Seeing her ride on the stairlift with her mum, she’s probably the most adorable person we’ve helped up and downstairs.”

You can watch this episode 4 of the My Extaordinary Pregnancy from the TLC channel on catch up TV or to read more about it visit  the Daily Mail article


Many Congratulations to Lynn and Liam on the birth of your beautiful little girl from all the team at 1st Choice Stairlifts.



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