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Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day: 2024

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024

Today we’re celebrating the 13th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)!

This day is all about sparking conversations, getting people thinking, and spreading awareness about digital access and inclusion. Did you know there are over a billion people out there living with disabilities and impairments?

As we kick off our 20th year in business, making sure everyone can access what they need is really important to us. We’re all about accessibility and inclusion, not just in what we offer, but in everything we do as a company. Here’s how we make a difference in an inclusive environment.

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024 at 1st Choice Stairlifts

Our Digital Activity

Digital accessibility is all about making sure everyone, including people with disabilities or impairments, can easily use and navigate digital platforms like websites and apps.

As a business, we’re all about making sure our online space is completely inclusive and accessible. That means we add subtitles to all our videos across our website, socials, and YouTube channel.

Our printed materials, eBooks, brochures, and letters, all have larger fonts, clearer images and text that’s recommended by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). Making our digital content designed for all, but particularly with people who may have visual impairments in mind.

Disability and Equality Awareness Training

At 1st Choice Stairlifts, we’re all about giving first-class service to our customers. That’s why we prioritise staff training in disability equality.

All staff attend formal training where we learn about the social model of disability, and gain an understanding of what is a disability, and disability etiquette. So we’re confident in talking to customers and providing a great service.

Additionally, our staff are trained Dementia Friends, understanding the different types of dementia and the awareness of how we can help.

Fully Accessible Showroom and Facilities

At 1st Choice Stairlifts, our showroom is all about inclusivity. We’ve made sure it’s completely accessible. Our entrance is level, with wide double doors for easy access. Plus, we’ve got fully accessible toilets, and parking is right outside the front door, for your convenience.

Book a showroom visit at our showroom in Calne, Wiltshire, on Porte Marsh Industrial Estate. Give us a call on 01249 814528 to book a visit!

Visit our Showroom at 1st Choice Stairlifts

Read What Our Customers have to Say About Us

Ever wonder if exceptional customer service means something different for those with disabilities? Let’s hear from Helen, one of our long-term customers, as we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

“Honestly, what stood out to me about Colin and Coral (our Directors) was how they treated me just like anyone else. Might not seem like a big deal to some, but it meant the world to me. I want folks to see ME, not just someone in a wheelchair.”

Check out what our customers are saying on Which? Trusted Traders!

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