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Falls Facts in the Over 65’s

Falls Facts in the Over 65's


Having a fall in your home can be life changing and the statistics are quite alarming.  We’ve gathered together some key falls facts in the over 65’s to produce an educational leaflet about “Preventing Falls Around Your Home”.

Falls Facts – Cost to the NHS

According to the Royal College of Physicians falls in the over 65’s result in 4 million hospital bed days each year.  That’s a staggering £2 billion cost to the NHS.  But of course for the person who has experienced the fall, the cost can be greater.

Falls Facts – Cost to You

Help The Aged report that after you’ve had a fall there is a 50% chance of impaired mobility.  There’s also a 10% probability of dying within a year.  As well as having a physical impact, a fall can also have a psychological impact too.  1 in 10 people who’ve had a fall have increased isolation and reduced independence and can be frightened to go out.

Falls Facts – In Your Home

The stairs are particular concern, which is where the more serious falls happen on the stairs, with 60% of these falls resulting in a fatality.

However, falls can be prevented.  There are lots of simple yet effective ways that you can help your own well-being to try and prevent a fall.

Falls Prevention on Your Stairs

We are in the business of helping people get up and down stairs safely, so our falls facts leaflet has some handy tips on how you can reduce the risk of a fall.

You can be more prone to accidents if your mobility is impaired.  Also often some health conditions can alter your ability to judge spaces and steps.  If you’ve already had a fall you’re statistically at an increased chance of having another fall.

There are practical steps in the leaflet including tips to help minimise the risk of falling such as avoiding trip hazards.

We also see customers with their spouses standing behind them to help them up the stairs.  This can be incredibly dangerous as if one of you falls, it’s likely that you will both fall.  This could cause an injury to both parties and if you are the carer it could have a long term impact on both of you.

Having a Stairlift or Home Lift Fitted

If you do find that yourself or a relative is struggling and needs to be safer on the stairs you may want to consider having a stairlift or a Home Lift fitted.  In our experience with our customers, they often comment on wishing they had had a stairlift fitted sooner having resisted having one for so long.

If you are interested in exploring the option of having a stairlift or Home Lift fitted the please give us a call on 08000 19 22 10 or 01249 815312 or [email protected].  We offer free home surveys with friendly advice and no high pressure sales.

You can download our Falls Prevention Leaflet here.  For a copy in the post, please contact us on 01249 815312 and we’d be happy to send it to you.

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