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Canine Stairlift Prototype Could Give Elderly Dogs A Lift

Stair of the dog: world's first stair lift for obese dogs unveil

In 2012, an unnamed company designed a prototype of a dog stairlift named “Stair of The Dog 2022”. In the future, elderly dogs may not have to struggle with stairs.

Dogs have always been man’s best friend and faithful companion, forming a strong bond with their owners and becoming a full member of the family. Above all, dogs love bouncing around, playing catch and generally being active as much as possible for most of their life. Even when they reach 14 or 15, they can still be seen to be chasing sticks and balls to return faithfully to their owners.

But at some point, many dogs start to struggle with this kind of activity and it can be painful or uncomfortable for them to move – stairs often become something that elderly, arthritic and overweight dogs can’t use anymore. Arthritis affects 30% of dogs and often starts when dogs are about 7 years old. This can have a massive impact on the way you look after your dog and limit the activities you can do together. This can be saddening for owners and dogs alike, who like to go everywhere together and be at each-others’ side, which is simply not possible anymore.

There is hope for dogs on the horizon though, as a prototype dog stair lift has been designed so that dogs can once again climb the stairs with ease. Chunky the dog (pictured right) has been showcasing the basket-mounted stair lift to owners and dogs to show them how it is done. The lift is fitted with a paw-activated button, which is close enough to the lift for dogs to press and then comfortably climb into the basket at floor level, before starting their ascent. This makes it easy for the dog to fetch your slippers again!

Who knows in the future, 1st Choice Stairlifts could be helping both man and his best friend become independent in their own homes!

* This dog stairlift concept features in this old article from 2012.  Unfortunately however, the concept as of 2021 was not developed further.

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