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Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to have a lift fitted is a big step and sometimes it can be an emotional and stressful one too if your or a loved one’s health or mobility is getting worse.  We understand and so do our team too because we have many years of experience helping customers just like you.  You can put your trust in our friendly experts to guide you through having one fitted and take all your worries away, making you independent, happy, and safe at home again.

All it takes is a simple phone call.  We’d love to have an initial chat with you on the telephone to answer all your questions if you are unsure about having one fitted, or if you are ready to proceed to a showroom visit or a home survey we’d be really happy to organise this for you too.

You can call us on freephone 0800 019 22 10 or complete the contact form below.  You can also message us on the webchat below too.  We’d love to hear from you.

We have included some frequently asked questions about our home surveys to be transparent with you so you know what to expect on our visit – no pushy hard sell, just expert friendly advice.

The only way to tell if a model will fit your home is to book an assessment. We come out, measure your stairs, find out about your needs, and recommend the right solution from the range of models we offer. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach because everyone’s needs and stairs are different and even though all stairlifts may look the same they are not.

Around 45 minutes or until we’ve answered all your questions. We’ll be able to do a quote for you normally on the spot.
Our surveyors are friendly experts who know their stuff, with no hard sell, pushy sales tactics, so you can feel comfortable in inviting us into your home. We’d love it if you’d like to order from us of course, but you are under no pressure to do so there and then.

Yes of course. We often meet relatives or friends on our visits when visiting new customers so please feel free to have someone else there with you to help

About You

We’ll ask questions about you to assess your mobility and see how we think you will be able to use a model safely. We won’t recommend something that we think you’ll have difficulty using.

We’ll check your measurements and see how you can fit comfortably on the stairlift chair and that there’s enough space on the stair width to accommodate you and your lift. All models have different weight capacities, so we’ll ask your weight too.

Your Stairs (for Stairlifts)

We’ll measure your stairs to see which model would best fit the stair width you have and calculate the length of the rail you’ll need. From this, we can recommend the best model.

Your Home (for other lifts like Home Lifts)
If you would like a vertical Home Lift or step lift, we will measure and assess where to site the model that best works for you and your home.

Your Home (Other Considerations)
We’ll also check if there is any other work that needs to be done to fit a model for you, like fitting a PowerPoint nearby if you don’t have one or moving a radiator if it is in the way of where the lift will park. We can include any work like this in our quote and organise this all for you.

As we have described above, the last thing you need is a product that is unsuitable or unsafe. Only by assessing your needs exactly, can we find the very best solution for you and your home. Without a proper assessment pressing a “buy it now” button online may be a very costly mistake. Our Directors have over 55 years of expertise in stairlifts and both they and other healthcare professionals passionately believe in a person-centred approach and personal service that only a detailed assessment can give.

As we’ve already shown, there is a lot to consider when pricing up for a model that best suits you and your home. If you call us we are happy to go through a “triage” assessment to give you a ballpark idea of cost but we really must see your stairs/home to give you an accurate price.

As key workers, we have worked right on through the Pandemic. We do everything possible to keep our staff and customers safe following government guidelines. The best way to do an assessment is to see your home in-person whilst observing all the Covid guidelines, but we can also do a virtual survey via a video call or webchat if you’d prefer. Our web chat has the facility to message us and send pictures of your stairs for us to evaluate.

Straight stairs are more straightforward and we will be able to give you a quotation, however for all other products the quotation price will be subject to final site survey which we will need to do in person on order which normally takes around an hour to complete.
We’ve prepared a “Virtual Survey Checklist”, so if you would like more information please call us for a copy.

We’ve got lots of videos on our website that show you how our models work, but if you’d like to see one in person, our showroom is open by appointment. Our member of staff will show you the models and you will be able to try them out for yourself. We also have dedicated resources answering common questions like will a stairlift fit my stairs?

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